The death of satan

‘Operation Karmalight’

Throughout the ages there has been talk of Armageddon – the bitter clash between good and evil. Is there a basis for such a concept? Or is it some fantasy best left to the story books?

For the first time ever, the truth of Armageddon is revealed to the wider world in the following pages, by an individual who claims to have played a tiny role in a colossal operation which ultimately changed the course of world history.


1.0 Introduction

2.0 The Setting

3.0 Preamble

4.0 Commandment from the Master Jesus

5.0 Lower astral realms – the hells

6.0 Mission Objective

7.0 Doctor George King – Primary Terrestrial Mental Channel

8.0 Call to Arms – Spiritual Guns

9.0 Armageddon – Operation Karmalight Begins

9.1 Phase 1 – The war Clouds

9.2 Phase 2 – Attack

9.3 Phase 3 – Ghost Ship

9.4 Phase 4 – Sabotage

9.5 Phase 5 – Commando Tactics

9.6 Phase 6 – The Worm Bites

9.7 Phase 7 – The Assassin

9.8 Phase 8 – (silent)

9.9 Phase 9 – (silent)

9.10 Phase 10 – (silent – Approval sought from Saturn)

9.11 Phase 11 – The New weapon

9.12 Phase 12 – Backfire

9.13 Phase 13 – The V.I.P.

9.14 Phase 14 – The Masquerade

9.15 Phase 15 – Put the Home Fires out

9.16 Phase 16 – Exploration

9.17 Phase 17 – Emergency

9.18 Phase 18 – The GWB is Taught a Lesson

9.19 Phase 19 – It takes Six Men to pull 3 deadly teeth

9.20 Phase 20 – The probe

9.21 Phase 21 – The she devil

9.22 Phase 22 – Plot and counter-plot

9.23 Phase 23 – The temple of sacrifice

9.24 Phase 24 – To catch a devil

10.0 Events Following End of Operation Karmalight

11.0 Aftermath of Operation Karmalight

12.0 Parallels with Hollywood Block Buster – Star Wars

13.0 Fate of The Aetherius Society in the New Millennia

14.0 Ramifications of Success of Armageddon

15.0 Honouring All Who Helped in Operation Karmalight

1.0 Introduction

Throughout different cultures of the world there is reference to disturbing times in the present cycle of time. The Christian doctrines talk about the great conflict between right and wrong referred to as “Armageddon”. In the Bible, under revelations, there is a description of a battle raging between a horned, long-tailed, hoofed monster with flames shooting out from its mouth and seven angels of light who fight it. In the Hindu texts the present cycle is referred to as “Kali Yuga” which is the age of great darkness and conflict. Other faiths talk about the end of the world.

As the world is merrily drifting along its everyday existence one can ask the question whether Armageddon and other references to modern times have any significance. Or are they merely the visions of past seers who had foreseen something to warn us of things to come.

My name is Natu Patel. I am of Indian origin who grew up in East Africa and presently live in Britain. In the last century I had the great privilege and honour to come across the greatest Master of Yoga in London, England. His name was Doctor George King. I had the brains and foresight to follow this man who played a master role in Armageddon. I am one of the few people on this planet who can state categorically that “Armageddon” was real and took place in the late 1960’s. Let me take you on a journey so that you can enter through the mystic portal of revelation to uncover the inner secrets of life which has eluded the majority of people on Earth.

2.0 The setting

I was born in the state of Gujarat in West India in 1942. At the age of three my mother together with my two elder brothers travelled in an Arab dough all the way from India to the port of Mombasa in Kenya. My father was already living in Nairobi where we settled. I grew up in that fine land and did all my schooling there. From a very early age I had acquired a keen interest in aeroplanes and spent my spare-time finding out more about them. I wanted to become a pilot and fly aeroplanes so I made sure that I worked very hard at school to gain good results.

My father was a keen member of The Theosophical Society Lodge in Nairobi. From him I learnt a lot about the deeper mysteries of life which obviously left its mark throughout the ensuing years. His younger brother, my uncle was very interested in yoga so I picked up more fruits of eastern wisdom. He was an expert in reading from the Hindu text called the “Mahabharat” which covers the times when Shri Krishna was alive on Earth a long, long time ago. Again aspects of “white” and “black” magic came into play in these strange stories. In recent times several versions of Mahabharat have been made in India and shown on television throughout the world.

On July 24th 1958, an unusual event occurred which puzzled many people. At the time there was a major military conflict about to commence in the Middle-East over Lebanon. On that morning came the news that a peace agreement had been signed and the military forces were all heading home! This was highly unusual as nobody expected the conflict to fizzle out with such rapidity. Many people felt that some kind of outside intervention had taken place for such a miracle to occur. Several years later I discovered that a great event had indeed taken place on a hill top in North Devon in England at midnight on July 23rd1958.

In September 1960, I emigrated to England to join the Royal Air Force for aircrew training. I was in the air force for six months when I had to leave as my eye sight was not quite up to standard for flying duties. Although I was saddened that my life-long ambition to fly aeroplanes was over, inwardly, I thanked God to get out of that situation as I was not really cut out for military life as I am basically a humanitarian. I did not waste time but joined a college in Southend-on-Sea to acquire further qualifications to go to university.

Two years later I joined the Imperial College of Science and Technology, University of London, to commence a degree course in Aeronautical Engineering. In the latter part of 1962 another unusual event occurred which left its mark on me. At the time there was a major international crisis brewing up between the USA and Russia over the deployment of Russian atomic missiles which were being shipped to Cuba to be sited there. On a world scale a third world war was imminent! People throughout the world were truly terrified that an atomic war was about to erupt which would wipe out all life on Earth. In my own way I too was deeply concerned as to what could happen in a very short span of time! One afternoon as I left one building of the college to go to the next for a following lecture, a very strong thought came to my mind that we were about to blow ourselves up yet again as we had done in the past! It was a most terrifying mental image that I saw and I was shaken to my core. The thought that something like this had already taken place before. What a calamity!

Within a few days of that experience came the electrifying news that Russia had conceded and the nuclear missiles bound for Cuba were on their way back to Russia. Once more I felt very strongly that some type of outside intervention had taken place to defuse the dangerous situation which existed between USA and Russia. A short while later, the late President John F Kennedy, stated that there were strange forces at work around the world! It would appear that he too knew that he was not totally in charge of the situation and something else was driving the world events to a peaceful state.

In London, I lived in the Fulham area not far from the Fulham Broadway Underground Station. I lived in a large house run by a very pleasant Welsh couple with many other students from all over the world. In the summer of 1965 I completed my first degree course and was waiting for the examination results. Over the years I had been drawn to the subject of “Flying Saucers” and I was keen to find out more about these things if indeed they existed.

I did not have to go far from my dwelling as The Aetherius Society Headquarters was only a few hundred yards away on Fulham Road. One evening they had a talk on “UFO’s” to which I went. I had an open mind. I was surprised at the depth of knowledge and information that the organisation had on a very wide spectrum of life’s topics. Most of the fundamental questions that had puzzled me over the years were answered in the teachings of this new found society. Thus it was not long before I became an ardent follower and a member of this organisation.

The founder/president of the society was an Englishmen by the name of Doctor George King. The man was quite exceptional having practised serious yoga for 8 to 10 hours every night for over 10 years as well as doing an ordinary job in the day time in London. He had moved to the USA in 1959 where he had founded and set up the American Headquarters of the society. Having listened to many of his tape recorded lectures I was in no doubt as to the integrity and honesty of this individual. As well as that he claimed that he was in mental contact with higher intelligences who inhabit the other planets on our Solar System. He was designated by the cosmic masters as “Primary Terrestrial Mental Channel”. The contact with the space intelligences was achieved by Doctor King by raising the power of Kundalini up to the Throat Centre which allowed the communicating entity to relay his message using George King’s larynx purely as a voice box. As George King was English the voice came out in English.

Once more the depth of these cosmic transmissions, as they were referred to, were profound and touched one’s heart and soul. It did not take me long to realise that ancient wisdom which we had forgotten and ignored in the past was being given back to the present age to remind people of the importance of turning back to God so we can build a more peaceful and humane society instead of the destructive world that we have created around us with little or no hope of any lasting future. A large number of transmissions came from a Venusian Master under the name of “Aetherius” after whom the society was named. Other communicators included a Martian Master known as “Mars Sector 6”, The Venusian Master we know as The Master Jesus, Saint Peter and Saint Goo Ling who is a prominent member of the Spiritual Hierarchy of Earth often referred to as “The Great White Brotherhood”. Here the word “white” refers to white magic and not to the colour of the skin of people.

The Aetherius Society’s beliefs when viewed from a basic consideration are bizarre to say the least. It is in contradiction with almost everything that is regarded as normal by ordinary people. Science has already told us that there is no sentinel life on any of the planets in our solar system except Earth. So why does a person of the intelligence and ability that of Doctor George King stick is neck out to state the opposite that there is advanced form of life on all the planets including the Sun! If this man wanted to be popular and accumulate great wealth and prestige then he would have had to go along with the accepted beliefs. The very fact that he has never ever deviated from his word shows the total integrity and honesty of the individual.

Personally, I have never been comfortable with the thought that in a large solar system like ours, with several planets even larger than Earth, that we should find sentinel life on Earth alone. The Theosophical Society had already mentioned that there is higher form of life on the other planets in our solar system. In the Hindu literature there is reference made to gods coming from the sun. Sun worship is worldwide. Having studied the Aetherius Society’s literature on life on the other planets I was in doubt that such existence is perfectly normal. As the universe is infinite so must all concepts regardless of the puny limitations of our own minds.

According to yogic concepts, Doctor George King had the ability to raise the power of Kundalini from the Base Chakra (at the base of the spine) to the Crown or Brahma Chakra lodged at the top of the head. Therefore he would be classed as an “Ascended Master” having attained the final goal of experience on Earth. He had the ability to so called “project” from his physical body on to the different planes of existence around our planet. According to him there are several layers of different frequencies of worlds within worlds co-existing in the same space but different time continuum. The world we are living on the physical plane is designated as “Level 1”. Above this world is “Level 2 and Level 3” which are described as the “Spirit Realms”. After so called “death” many people will end up on these levels. Above that are “Levels 4, 5 and 6” which are the Higher Mental Realms. Humanitarians, very skilled people, scientists, musicians and others occupy these worlds. The highest world is “Level 7” on which existence is not possible even for very advanced intelligences. So life does continue after death. Each one of these world is completely physical and in some ways even more solid than the world that we are upon. The difference is that each world is vibrating in different frequency bands and is therefore not visible to the ordinary eye. Spiritualist mediums in all parts of the world are able to bring about some partial contact with entities from these different worlds. Thus, so called “ghosts” do exist and we should not discard tales about them when we hear them. Research carried out by such great scientists as Sir Oliver Lodge and others has proven that life does continue after so called “death” and communication with the dead is possible under the right set of conditions.

Unfortunately, as our world is extremely basic and violent there are also worlds below the physical Level 1 which are referred to as the “lower astral realms” or the “hells”. Below Level 1 where we are lie “Levels -1, -2, -3 & -4”. Each one of the levels gets progressively worse as we move down the scale. Drug addicts, violent people, mass murderers, dictators and the like all end up on these levels. These worlds are extremely violent and almost beyond anything that we can picture or imagine. It is on these levels that great and mighty events have been going on in the last century to clean them up and eventually to get rid of them altogether from this world

Many people will wonder why if these world really do exist we cannot see or perceive them. The answer is that each world which is an entity in its own right is vibrating in different frequency to the ones we can detect with our five basic senses. We would need to raise our consciousness via the practice of Yoga so that we can perceive these worlds. Spiritualists and other mediums can bring about a partial contact with these realms. It was using these higher abilities that enabled Doctor George King to consciously project onto these world. He said that when you move onto one of these planes of vibration you move from below on a flat plane and then suddenly you end up in a three dimensional world which is solid and as real as anything that we have here on Level 1. Occasionally, if you have a dream in vivid colours then the chances are that you are on one of these worlds and you are being taught a lesson.

I came across The Aetherius Society in August 1965. Within a short period I discovered that there was some type of conflict going on the lower astral realms. I was new to the organisation so everything was strange at the time. Apparently, some type of an extremely advanced android had been discovered which had been in the hells for a long time and was activated as a result of spiritual changes taking place on Earth. At the start of the last century three interplanetary intelligences had been introduced in the life cycle of the world through

Levels of Existence on Earth

Level 7 Highest Realm on Earth (Uninhabitable)

Level 6 Highest Mental Realm (Realm of Masters)

Level 5 Higher Mental Realm (Advanced Intelligences)

Level 4 Higher Mental Realm (Quite Advanced People)

Level 3 Higher Spirit Realm (Decent Citizens)

Level 2 Spirit Realm (Very densely populated)

* * * * * * * *

Level 1 Physical Plane of Earth (Our World)

* * * * * * * *

Level -1 Lower astral realm (hell) (Very densely populated)

Level -2 Lower astral realm (hell) (Densely populated)

Level -3 Lower astral realm (hell) (Evil beyond comprehension)

Level -4 Lower astral realm (hell) (Top black magicians)

Fig 1 : Different levels of manifestation on Earth. Each level is a complete world in its own right and vibrating within a frequency band quite different from all others. Nobody can tune into a level higher than their own evolutionary status.

normal birth as babies. By the mid-fifties these three had become fully trained in the different sciences and practice of yoga. Some time they met on the other levels of existence, recognised each other and knew the role they had to perform on Earth in connection with cleansing of the lower astral realms. In the Aetherius Society they were referred to as “The Three Adepts”. The entity known as “Adept Number 3” has been to Earth in different guises. At one time he was “Hercules” and in another as “Samson”. Whenever great strength and speed and fire power is required then this is the Master called upon to do such tasks. “Adept Number 2” was an expert in electronics and computer systems. “Adept Number 1” was a strategist and an expert pilot to fly combat craft. This was a formidable team to face the power of the master minds in the hells of this Earth.

When the android was discovered in the lower astral realms, the Three Adepts were instructed to eject it from Earth as it presented not just a threat to the world but also the whole Solar System. This mission was referred to as “The Alien Mission” which began in May 1965 and concluded on the 22nd of January 1966. In all 27 phases or sorties were performed to bring about a success of the mission. On 26th October 1965 the android was evicted from the Earth and sent back on its way from where it came from another galaxy altogether. This was a significant victory for the forces of light. The remainder of the phases were necessary to ensure that the android did not come back and get embedded into the hells of Earth once more.

As one can imagine I came in the Aetherius Society as the Alien Mission was going on. I had no idea what was happening other than snippets of conversation amongst members and some literature that was published at the time. However, I was very impressed with the stature and abilities of the Three Adepts who were later joined by two others as the pressure of the mission demanded additional help. Adept number 4 and 5 did not have to be limited in Earth physical bodies as were the three who inhabited ordinary bodies just like ours with all the aches and pains that go with it. Having carefully studied the literature that was available I was able to conclude that Doctor George King had to be one of the Three Adepts.

Before a sortie began he had to go in the transmission room, sit down on the chair, carry out his special breathing exercise to raise the power of Kundalini to the Throat Centre and go into positive trance. Once that happened then the communicating entity – Master Aetherius would start describing what was taking place on the particular plane and place where the Five Adepts were in action. It was many years later when recordings of these transmissions were released to the membership I discovered the profundity and dexterity with which the voice box of George King was used to relay these messages of vast importance to mankind. There was never any hesitation, incorrect word or loss of speech as the transmission was relayed through this almost perfect medium. For George King to, for example, fake these transmissions he would have to practise these texts for days to get them word perfect.


Fig 2 : Doctor George King – The Master Mind behind “Armageddon” – The battle between Good and evil code named – Operation Karmalight. In his primary role he was Nixies Zero Zero One – the chief strategist and in his secondary role he acted as Primary Terrestrial Mental Channel of reception on Terra to keep a record of the battle which raged between the Forces of Light – The Six Adepts and the worst devil – satan who existed in the lower astral realms of Earth.

Considering that this man was always surrounded by his followers, so he had little privacy or private life to speak of, such procedure would have been completely out of question.

It was not too long before one of the London committee members called me in his office and revealed to me in strict confidence that George King was indeed Adept Number One! That was quite a revelation and it tied some loose ends which had been gathering momentum in my mind. However this kind of information was kept strictly within the membership as the identity of any of the Adepts posed a grave danger to their safety. To this day nobody knows the identity of Adept Number 2 and 3. Both of these Adepts had a small band of helpers but that is all that is known. Adept Number 2 was of Eastern descent. Adept Number 3 was very well off and owned a large private ocean-going boat. This man had also climbed Mount Everest twice.

In October 1965, I began a one year post-graduate course at Imperial College to obtain a Master’s Degree in Aircraft Structures. The head of the department was the world famous Professor Argyris who had pioneered the “force method” and later the “displacement method” for structural analysis. As Professor Argyris was also the head of a similar department at Stuttgart Institute he was rarely seen at Imperial College. However, the department was very ably run by Mr. Sidney Kelsey who became our tutor on the research project two of us were called upon to undertake. It was an exciting time full of new concepts and working with experts and technicians to finish the task.

A member of The Aetherius Society from Thailand, who was completing his PhD thesis in electron microwaves, had decided to set up a small group of the Society at Imperial College. Talks were held on a weekly basis in the evening at the college premises when speakers from the society would come over to talk about the teachings and work the organisation was performing for the human race. This attracted a number of students from different departments and very active discussions took place over these gatherings. One of the attenders to these meetings was Rajiv Ghandi who later became the prime minister of India. He also attended some of the lectures that Doctor George King gave at the headquarters when he came over the following year in 1967. He was indeed very impressed with the important work that Doctor George King was doing for the world.

Although the research project at college was very demanding nevertheless I was able to keep a loose contact with people and activities going on in The Aetherius Society. By now I was beginning to realise that I had a far greater role to play in world affairs than simply following my own personal plans and ambitions. I could see clearly why I could not have continued with my career in the Royal Air Force. Equally the time was also approaching when other factors began to come into play. Although I could not fly, at least, I could work in building and constructing aircraft. This too was beginning to look a little doubtful. Boings Aircraft Corporation from USA had already come to interview students from our department who were interested to take up jobs with them. I had given this a miss as I concluded that involvement with aircraft companies could get me involved with military aircraft which would be in direct conflict with my spiritual commitments with The Aetherius Society. So that brought yet another blow to my personal ambitions!

By mid 1966 I had been offered a job with the British Railways Research Department based in Derby in the East Midlands on completion of my research project at Imperial College. By November I had finished my project successfully and moved permanently to Derby where I have lived since. I moved into a modest “bed-sitter” on Burton Road and started working diligently on developing software for doing structural analysis work along the new techniques that I had worked on my project at Imperial College. This was the main reason why I had been offered the job in the first place as I already had some experience in that field. It was all very exciting and I soon fell in place in the new environment with very friendly and interesting group of people.

In Spring of 1967, Doctor George King had come over to England from the United States for a visit. I had the great honour of seeing the Master on a small hill known as Holdstone Down in North Devon. He was an impressive figure. Holdstone Down was the first mountain to be charged with high frequency spiritual energy for use of ordinary people. This operation was code named “Operation Starlight” which had begun on midnight July 23rd 1958. Part of the energy from this mountain was directed to the Lebanon area to bring about relief from a serious war that was about to rage in that region. That tied up with the observations of many people throughout the world that something unusual had taken place that day.

As Doctor George King was a very practical man he had arranged a series of spiritual development classes which were held at the headquarters in London. Fortunately I was able to attend all the 8 classes. The course covered Breathing Exercises, Mantra Yoga, Visualisation Practices, Psychic Self Defence Exercises, Aspects of Agni-Yoga and so forth. There was no doubt as to the abilities of this Master who was very humble and patient to carefully guide us through all the different aspects of white magic. There was also an abundance of energy that this man had which in some ways was quite astounding.

My study of the society’s teachings had also revealed that indeed Doctor George King, in co-operation with the Cosmic Masters, had indeed carried out important spiritual moves which had helped to calm down the situation between the USA and Russia over the question of Russian atomic missiles bound for the island of Cuba in 1962. Everything was beginning to fall in place as I investigated and studied the literature which Doctor George King had painstakingly put together for the benefit of humanity for those who cared to listen to their higher conscience.


Fig 3 : Doctor George King on a hill top known as Holdstone Down near Combe Martin in North Devon, England. It was here on July 23rd 1958 that he physically met the Master Jesus who had arrived in a space craft which hovered a short distance away. The Master Jesus put energy into the hill top making it a spiritual power battery for the use of humanity to help to bring in the New Age of Peace. Five days later, over twelve consecutive Sundays, the Master Jesus over-shadowed George King and delivered his New Age Bible called “The Twelve Blessings”. On September 23rd 1967 the Master Jesus delivered another transmission through George King entitled “The Three Saviours Are Here” releasing for the first time ever the true facts regarding Armageddon and the commencement of the most dangerous Mission of the Six Adepts on Earth. The picture above was taken early in 1967 just prior to the start of Operation Karmalight.

Another matter which had been cleared from my mind was with regards to an experience I had on Mount Kilimanjaro. In 1958 I attended the Outward Bound Mountain Course at the school in southern Kenya on the foothills of Kilimanjaro. This was a particularly difficult experience and I regretted ever volunteering to attend such a course. However, after the climb to the top I was walking down to the next resting place when an annoying thought kept reeling through my otherwise dopy head. A voice inside my head kept repeating that I should stop and look back at the beautiful peak of Kibo. I had of course resolved never to climb a molehill never mind a mountain! Eventually, I gave in and stopped. Immediately in my mind’s eye I saw that I was coming back to that mountain with a group of people and I would be engaged in a task of vast importance to the world! I was absolutely god-smacked and could not believe what I had just witnessed. I put all that out of my mind as I still had a long way to get back to the Second Cave en-route to the school campus.


Fig 4 : “Kinderscout” in the Peak District of Derbyshire, England was charged with spiritual energy by Doctor George King on January 31st 1959. This is one of the 19 Holy Mountains charged in the mission known as “Operation Starlight”. This mountain will become of great significance when the truth of the secret work of Doctor George King comes to light.

Operation Starlight had begun in July 1958 and it continued over three years where different mountains in different parts of the world were charged with spiritual energy for the use of mankind. One of those mountains was indeed Mount Kilimanjaro. Unlike all the other mountains, because of the difficulties of climbing that Mountain, it was charged by Saint Goo Ling in co-operation with two other GWB Masters. Therefore, nobody in a physical body had actually been to activate the mountain. In March 1970, I had the distinct honour of performing the first ever Pilgrimage to Mount Kilimanjaro which completed yet another missing link in the jig-saw puzzle of that vital mission.

In May 1967, Doctor George King had to make a hurried return to the USA. Something was afoot. In June there was a massive battle between Israel and Egypt in what became known as the 6 day war. Immediately following this there was generally an uneasy atmosphere of war and uncertainty about. It was also a time when I had a very strong impression to resign from The Aetherius Society for reasons that I could not fathom. I felt that something terrible was about to happen. Upon advice from a lady friend I did not resign and retained my membership. It was indeed a very wise decision.

3.0 Preamble

On August 1st 1967, Doctor George King called a special meeting of members of The Aetherius Society in Los Angeles. In that meeting Doctor King described the next mission of the Adepts as the most important and hazardous of their many missions on Earth and the principal reason why they had been introduced into the life cycle of Earth. He reminded members that the Three Adepts had many times in the past entered the lower astral realms of Earth to risk their lives and sanity to fight evil by engaging the dark forces in actual combat transmuting centres of evil with flashing Spiritual energies. All these actions were made on instructions from the Cosmic Hierarchy. Every action was strictly limited within the confines of the Karmic Law.

Doctor King stated : “I might almost call it the Armageddon”. The next battle would be even more terrible, more dangerous as the Three Adepts come into direct conflict with the most powerful centre of evil of all. They would have to descend over and over again into the foul pits of the hells to meet and fight the deadly enemy and its large, well trained merciless armies of frightful evil. No horrors of any war yet fought on any realms of Earth had ever been more than a pale imitation of the ghastly horrors which would be thrust against the Three Adepts. This would be a final all-out battle for the control of all life on Earth.

The battle was absolutely necessary by Karmic Law if humanity was to be saved from total enslavement by evil and the living Earth was to be spared a long term of absence from her present position in the Solar System in order to decontaminate Her physical and subtle bodies from the effects of a large scale physical and mental invasion by the powerful evil forces. The Three Adepts were beings from other planets who had been put on Earth to protect humanity from the results of its own wrong thought and action. These intelligences were totally committed – at whatever cost to themselves – to fight in the defence of the defenceless on Earth or wherever in the vast Cosmos their help was needed.

Doctor George King stated that the evil upon Earth was like a cancer in the body of humanity. Before, during and after its removal the patient would suffer pain and illness. It would take some time for the patient – humanity – to recover from this operation. But when recovery was complete many would be ready for the New Age and all of its implications. He urged all members to be loyal and dedicated to help the Three Adepts in the vital battle which would start shortly. He made a desperate appeal for harmonious conditions and an atmosphere of true brotherly love to pervade. The Aetherius Society would help greatly the Three Adepts in their fight to win the battle against the forces of evil.

He urged all members to take his message to heart and he promised that no matter how dark the way may get – and it would get dark for the world – that they would never regret the stand they took from that day onwards.

A week later a tape-recording of the lecture by Doctor George King was played at the headquarters in London to which all members were invited. Doctor George King’s words were electric and they were a call to action. At the end of the talk I was in doubt that a terrible war was about to erupt and we would have to make whatever sacrifice was required to help the Adepts in their terrible task ahead. My mind was made up to throw everything in my life to help in this struggle in which surprisingly enough none of us had to take up any arms.

By now things had begun to speed up rapidly. Although I lived 120 miles north of London the atmosphere at the headquarters was building up and in a strange way distance did not seem to matter that much. On September 23rd 1967 two important Transmissions came through Doctor George King which outlined the next mission of the Three Adepts.

A brief explanation of the Law of Karma is as follows. The Law of Karma applies to all Creation and pervades through the Cosmos. The entire teachings of Shri Krishna that the Hindus follow is based on Karma. The Lord Buddha stated that to every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. (Which in science is Newton’s Third Law of motion!) The Master Jesus said that as you sow so shall you reap. In Doctor George King’s language you cannot get anything for nothing. In short, we are accumulating every second of our lives positive or negative karmic energy by our thoughts and actions. If we generate good constructive thoughts and actions we create for ourselves positive Karma which helps us through life. If our thoughts and actions are poor and destructive then we accumulate negative Karma which hinders and pulls us down.

We are therefore in charge of our lives through all our thoughts and actions and there is no escape from it. This is the Law of Karma.

4.0 Commandment From the Master Jesus

The vital Transmission announcing the commencement of Armageddon came from the Master Saint Goo Ling and the Master Jesus on September 23rd 1967. The Master Saint Goo Ling who is the Keeper of the Seal of the Great White Brotherhood spoke first. He stated that the Master Jesus would be giving another Blessing to the world. So important was this Blessing that it would become part of prayers to be performed at all Services. He said that great forces were about to clash in mortal combat and the prize of that combat was all humanoid life upon Earth. The prophecies were then being fulfilled.

Despite the way that man had treated the Master Jesus he still came to give yet another blessing for the mighty Adepts to help in their battle to save all humanity. He stated that the hour had arrived when the foundation stones could be laid for the New Age or never could it be built by man upon this Planet. It was the hour of supreme triumph of all that was glorious or the defeat of the best. It was the hour of decision for thereafter no man could stay on the side lines. He was either a fighter for spirituality or a slave of the darkest forces in the lowest hells. In that hour of frightful struggle came Jesus to bless the Three Adepts. He advised everyone to listen well with their very souls for that was their hour and the opportunity would not be given again so prominently for 287 lives to come as it was then.

Upon termination of Master Saint Goo Ling’s Transmission, the Master Jesus came through. He stated that the Three Adepts had been chosen centuries ago to come to Earth as had been foreseen by the Ancient Masters of the Solar System of the rise of evil forces in the hells of Earth who would then take over complete control of all humanoid life. He reminded that the Three Adepts had already carried out many cleaning operations in the hells over the years.

He offered mighty Blessings to the Three Adepts for the dangerous and unrewarding work that the Three had carried out without knowledge of the population of the world. He stated that the evil ones in the darker realms were waiting to spring their trap. For thousands of centuries they had been planning their moves carefully. Not one single murderous dictator had been put into position by chance. Conqueror after conqueror had been built by the dark ones to act as a recruiting agent upon the physical plane of the world. They had taken the wickedness back with them into the hells and built the armies of evil there. It has been a plan cunningly conceived to gain complete control of the human race.

He said that the evil ones waited for their ‘Armageddon’. Their schemes were laid, their plots worked out and their strategy computed. They waited to move and man stood as a lamb would stand before a hungry lion, helpless, defenceless, wrapped up, involved by his own wrong thought and action and he stood quaking.

He stated that the Three Adepts had done more than any three masters who had ever come to Earth before. In comparison with the Three, Jesus said that his own mission was not even worthy of mention. These Three should be blessed by everyone every day. At the end of the Transmission the Master Jesus gave a special Prayer for the protection and well-being of the Three Adepts in their forthcoming dangerous mission.

I had the great honour of listening to a recording of the two Transmissions by the Master Saint Goo Ling and the Master Jesus which were played at the London Headquarters. The wording of the messages were so profound that it left me in no doubt as to the seriousness of the impending war that was going to take place in an invisible world that is all around us. The atmosphere all round was gaining momentum as the etheric pressure began to build up. At that moment in time none of us had any idea what was going to happen but the tension was there as there is before a major war is to break out. Fortunately these two Transmissions were made available on sale for those who wished to purchase them and gain greater insight into things which were about to happen.

Very shortly after that Doctor George King brought out a book entitled : ‘The Three saviours Are Here’ which contained the two Transmissions followed by a detailed breakdown of the passages with explanations of what they meant. This was a vital tool for all aspirants so that they could gain greater understanding of the text of the transmissions and therefore what was really at stake. The book also contained an account of the conditions on the lower astral realms and what the Three Adepts would be faced in their new encounter. Probably for the first time in history a person with real experience of the hells was able to put in print in fairly simple language conditions in these worlds which had alluded humanity throughout the centuries of ignorant existence on Earth.

5.0 Lower astral realms – the hells

The lower astral realms are several layers of existence vibrating at different frequencies upon which life continues after intelligences have so called “died” from this physical world. As already stated there are four worlds designated as levels -1, -2, -3 and -4. Each world becomes progressively worse in terms of conditions as we move down the scale. The worst of the worst conditions exist on level -4 which is peopled by the most powerful of the black magicians (bm’s) to be found on this planet. A tiny glimpse of the conditions on these realms is gained from Doctor George King’s book called : “ The Three Saviours Are Here”.

Whilst it may be assumed that black magic is some nonsense conjured up in weaker minds let it not be forgotten that the blood-stained history of man is in itself the result of wrong thought and action which turns into black magic. Even in a country like Britain the practice of black magic is sadly rife and in great demand. Generally it is practised behind closed doors sometimes in very sophisticated setups. In more mundane cases gatherings are held in secluded places in woods and forests. Traces of such gatherings are found all over the country. Films of evil and black magic have been produced throughout the decades depicted with great drama and conviction. If black magic does indeed exist where is its origin? Where else but in the hells of our planet which we have created ourselves. Let the knower Doctor George King tell us about these worlds.

The hells are foul, degrading, evil smelling and melting pot of all that is the worst to be found in humanity. It contains the most evil black magicians of Maldek, Lemuria, Atlantis and Kali Yuga. If you had the ability to go to these worlds you will notice that it is a collection of cruel feudal systems; each coven ruled by the most powerful individual in the black arts. From that you might conclude that this is all there is to it. But you would be deadly wrong. Any interference with any one of these covens and you will feel vast minds behind them all. Minds which want it to appear that these realms are split up and divided and will allow this appearance as long as the governing mind so declares. But if you really probe into the heart of the system you would be touched by the greater mind behind it all – the very soul of the lower astral realms itself. It would move, exploring every fibre of your physical and mental being with foul, contaminating mental hands. It would creep over you and through you and away from you, leaving you stripped naked, shaking out of sheer revulsion because you had been touched by those contaminating fingers which you would know would crush you in a moment.

You would be threatened and attacked by gross thought forms, dripping, foul, evil-smelling substances upon you. And yet if you had the ability – and you would be rare indeed – to withstand such an onslaught, then the tactics would change instantly. What had been evil, contaminating, utterly revolting would change to a creeping, exploring, fawning thing. Your mind would be laid bare and the exploring tendrils would find the depths of your basic animalistic desires and these would be heaped in front of you in a far more real and lifelike manner than any materialisation on the physical plane of Earth. All the delights which you could desire in your most basic mind would be offered to you as to be individually appealing.

If you refused this – and you would be rare indeed – then would follow other promises, other materialisations. You would be promised that you could enjoy immortality, power or even insignificance. You could be a ruler, or ruled whichever you desired. You could spend your life in drugged illusion or mental flights of fancy which would be specially designed to appeal to your mental outlook.

If all these things failed, then you would be attacked, battered from every source by vast demolishing forces which would rise from the very pit of hell itself to tear you asunder to consume your body, to consume your thoughts and your mind and re-vibrate them again onto a lower more useable level. In the last moment before your soul was torn from your body you would feel agony and mental anguish the like of which is unbelievable. And the soul of you stripped bare would take many lives to overcome such terrible shock.

These, and far worse conditions than can be described, face the mighty Three Adepts as they go into their main and last assignment for humanity. What makes it worse is the fact that these Beings, ultra-attuned and sensitive are far more revolted by conditions in the hells – which they know so well- than any earthman. They go not for themselves, but for a race which is alien to them. Not for their relatives, not to save the world upon which they were born, but to save another world which has throughout the centuries turned against them. Time and again would those mighty Beings face terrible conditions and awful odds. If they make one strategic error their souls are put adrift to suffer the shock of absorption of the mind and body into the pit itself.

It should not be assumed that a prominent black magician would sit like a witch doctor in tiny hovels surrounded by weird symbols and grinning skulls before a cauldron of bubbling, vile smelling substance. Some of them may do this but certainly not the prominent ones. It is true to say that the more prominent the position held in the lower astral realms by a black magician, the more that magician is well-versed in modern technology and science – which is one to two centuries ahead of the technology of modern civilisation known on the surface of this Planet.

Atomic chain reaction was discovered in the lower astral realms decades before it was so called “discovered” in the 1940’s and used in the Second World War. In fact the evil forces saw to it that the right minds were impressed with the knowledge to invent the atomic bomb. Several years later came an even worse destructive weapon the hydrogen bomb. What makes it worse is the fact that with the existence of the android which was in the lower astral realms for millions of years, it was able to bring in science and technology which was evolved in another galaxy by far more intelligent beings than man. All the android had to do was to train humans to use this weaponry to bring about any desired result. In fact if we had the ability to project to these worlds we would be utterly shocked to see the sophistication of the sciences which exist in these worlds. It would make our science very pale indeed in comparison.

The laser beam has been fully perfected in the lower astral realms and is a weapon capable of very accurate projection of a concentrated light beam over several miles. The laser has been used as an offensive weapon for some time. All the black magicians and their henchmen use laser projectors which are a little larger than automatic pistols as deadly weapons in combat.

They are also well-versed in all types of bacteriological offence and defence, especially the former. They can launch disease spores from cannons and land them accurately over very long distances. Once the capsules open on contact then it becomes a minute but virulent and deadly killer. Not just that but several different types of disease spores can be used in any one area at the same time. Thus three different types of disease spores in capsules designed to explode at different time intervals can be a strategic weapon and extremely difficult to combat. Some of these disease spores if attacked by atomic weapons will absorb that energy and become even more powerful than before.

The black magicians are also experts in the use of different forms of gas. The form most favoured is a deadly radio-active gas which once exposed to the human skin will cause a very fast cellular breakup. This gas can be encapsulated in rockets with atomic or hydrogen bomb warheads which are controlled by highly sophisticated computer systems. When such a rocket explodes, not only is a thermo-nuclear explosion caused but the saturation of a very wide area with powerful radio-active gas. This is an extremely deadly weapon, the overall effects of which are very difficult to combat.

The computer systems used by the most prominent black magicians are far more advanced than anything available on the physical plane, as are the detector and guidance systems. Some of these computer systems occupy land areas over 10 square miles and naturally protected by powerful force screens. Some of these systems have been developed over hundreds of years. One such system known as “egog” contained information on magical rites and invocation of the lower devic kingdoms.

They also have robots, some of them life forms which have been cruelly brain-washed so that they can act quite fearlessly as intelligent zombies for their masters. The mechanical forms of robots have been perfected to act at rapid speeds to carry out their different tasks. They carry powerful laser beams and various other energy projectors, all of which bring instantaneous death to an unprotected life form.

They also have aircraft capable of higher velocity than anything on Earth. They carry laser armament which is deadly because it can be controlled by highly efficient computer systems to cover a wide area with fire power. These craft are manned by controlled robots, life-form zombies or occasionally by the black magicians themselves. In addition to that some of them also have access to sophisticated space-craft which would defy anything available on the surface of our planet. Such craft were obviously imported by the android from its own galaxy for use on Earth.

Their water craft are quite small but very fast and manoeuvrable. They are armed with atomic rockets, gas and spore containers, laser beams and other energy projectors which can be used against one another over considerable distances. But for most part the water craft are used for local shore bombardment and assault. The aircraft carriers would dwarf anything available on our physical plane.

Coupled to this type of armament are the protective barriers that the black magicians have perfected over the centuries. All their apparatus, including even hydrogen bombs can be protected by force screens which form magnetic barriers around the projectile or craft or even the black magician himself. These screens are held in place by radiation of power from computers and other sources. Some of these magnetic barriers could easily withstand a combined attack by heavy gunfire and aircraft from the largest aircraft carrier on Earth for weeks or even months, if necessary.

The most prominent of the black magicians are also adept in the invocation of Devic forces which they can control and guide by their minds. The Devic kingdom is made up of nature spirits, fairies and gnomes which exist on different frequency of vibration. Their function is to manipulate the energies generated by humans and all other life forms. This too is a very difficult procedure to defend oneself against, especially as in the case of the Three Adepts they cannot stoop to the same level in defence as the black magician will in attack. Therefore they have to adopt different procedures entirely when dealing with invoked and controlled basic Devic forces. However we must not underestimate the abilities of the Three Adepts in such types of combat as their own experience is very wide indeed. The black magicians are also expert in the formation of devastating thought forms which can be contaminated in any way they so desire.

All prominent black magicians in the lower hells can levitate and fly quickly through the air from one place to another. Some can de-materialise and re-materialise again, either in their normal shape, or even take on other forms which may better serve their nefarious schemes. They have high degree of psychic development and can read the thoughts of others very quickly and in rare cases actually interfere with and change another’s thought pattern, sometimes over considerable distances.

This is a long way from the witch doctor sitting in his little hut surrounded by skulls, bats and toads. The above description gives a little idea of some of the weaponry which would be used against the Three Adepts when they obey the commandment given to them by the great Lords who saw the rise of the evil forces against all terrestrial planes of existence.

When the calibre of the Three Adepts is considered with their sensitivity, Spirituality, background and glorious light to face such odds and advanced weaponry, it should also be recognised that their actions are strictly limited within the confines of the Karmic Law. They must operate with understanding, mercy and compassion for those intent upon causing them a fate far worse than any death upon the physical realm.

When the Three Adepts, helped by two more specially trained Beings of Interplanetary Stature fought against the alien in the lower astral realms the battle itself lasted 27 sorties. In the correct time sequence each of these sorties lasted at least several hours, if not days or even weeks. For it must be remembered that in travel from one physical realm to another plane of existence one enters a different time sequence. What happens on our realm in one hour might take several hours to happen upon another plane of existence. Time is relative from the point of reference only.

Imagine the vast responsibility which lay on the shoulders of the Three Adepts. They knew that if they died and the vast energy of their mentalities was absorbed into the devils in the hells then humanity would perish as it would not know how to face such concentrated evil mind never mind defeat it. Therefore with every move they made they took the risk of not only condemning themselves but the whole of humanity. They knew that if their strategy was broken and their protective barriers forced down by overwhelming odds then every little child upon Earth would become the victim of a devil’s foulness. This gives a tiny concept of the vast responsibility which lay on the shoulders of these valiant shining Beings.

Were it not for the complete and absolute dedication of the Three Adepts to their cause they could never stand against such overwhelming odds as those they would meet, over and over again, during their next mission for the salvation of humanity. They had been especially trained in many different theatres of operation to withstand great odds and stupendous antagonistic pressures, keeping always the predetermined spiritual goal in sight. No matter how hard the way to that goal, they keet it plainly in sight. It is as a guiding light which inspires them, gives them super-human strength, super-normal mental abilities which enable them to press on towards their predetermined goal.

Humanity should thank god for allowing the Three Adepts to be upon Earth at that time to save it from the worst of the very worst. But for them, we would have been crushed in one mighty stroke. We would have been powerless. We would have been snivelling, insane slaves in the hands of such sadistic evil as that which existed in the pit of hell itself.


Fig 5 : Carnedd Llywellyn in North Wales charged by Adept Number One acting in Full aspect. Energy from this Mountain was used by him to transmute the black magician who was responsible for the murder of the Master Jesus 2000 years ago. Not only is this Mountain significant for the Earth but also the Solar System.

6.0 Mission Objective

The Transmissions by the Master Saint Goo Ling and The Master Jesus known as ‘The Three saviours Are Here’ gave an account of the next mission of the Three Adepts in the lower astral realms to face the might of the worst devil that existed there. The purpose of the Transmissions was to give to any open-minded individual on Earth an opportunity to rise to the spiritual challenge and help the Three Adepts through prayer so that they could defeat the satanic forces who were preparing to enslave the whole human race on every level of existence. At the end of the Transmissions there was a special prayer given by the Master Jesus that was to be used to help protect the Three Adepts and give them power and energy to execute their task successfully.

On the 22nd of October 1967, the Master Aetherius gave a short Transmission in which he code-named the next Mission of the Adepts as ‘Operation Karmalight’. He also stated that because of the precarious situation that existed in the lower astral realms the Adepts would not be allowed a quarter of a century so they could perform their task with the greatest care to ensure their own safety. Instead the Mission needed to be completed in a relative few months which meant that the Adepts had to take maximum risk in all their actions to bring about the desired result. This put even greater pressure on these Adepts who would be pushed to the limits of their endurance to accomplish their task.

We were given to understand that prior to the start of the Mission, satan was approached to see if he would volunteer and give himself up rather than fight. He declined the offer. His pride was too great for him to surrender especially when he had been working over thousands of years to accomplish his objective of total control of the planet. If he had surrendered that would have changed world history forever. His surrender would have probably influenced a lot of the other powerful black magicians to do likewise which would then have started a snowball weakening the lower realms considerably. The Adepts would then have energy to help the spiritual upliftment of these realms instead of fighting them. Satan was also informed that if he surrendered then Karma would be a lot lenient on him. Unfortunately, for the whole human race he took the wrong decision and Operation Karmalight began in earnest a short while later.

Satan was the most brilliant brain on this planet. It is said that the greatest lie he was able to fabricate to the world was to declare that he never existed! He had stopped his rebirth on to the physical plane for three to four thousand years. BM’s do not like to incarnate on the physical plane as they lose their memory and with that most of their abilities and power. They can stop their rebirth for certain length of time but eventually they have to appear on the physical plane. It is said that if satan was to incarnate on to the physical plane he would be a world dictator at the age of 14 such was the brilliant brain of this individual. To hide his true identity, even from his closest associates, he had split his consciousness into four separate entities living in different parts of the lower astral realms. The lower astrals were still under his control but nobody knew exactly who and where this individual was. This way he was able to retain his power and strength without assassination attempts being made on his life by other black magicians. This is a common threat that exists for every bm in the lower astrals.

Although the hells were under the control of satan there was one leading faction still holding out against his might. Therefore it was necessary to get rid of this opposition either by annihilation or control. Once the whole realms were brought under the control of the few dictators, then they would be prepared to move against all humanoid life streams. This could be done either by direct mental impingement or causing an atomic war on the surface of the world and then controlling those entities who survive the atomic madness.

The start of ‘Armageddon’ could be considered as the commencement of the satanic forces going into battle to clean up the hells and bring them under a single dictatorship. The Five Adepts could not go into action until the lower astral forces began their move. Once that happened the battle was on.

The objective of the Five Adepts was principally to locate satan, find him and then kill him so that his plans to bring the whole human race under his own mental control could be stopped. The death of satan would not be a killing in the way that we would imagine. Although his body would be destroyed and it would appear to be a normal death the whole of his consciousness would be split up into many parts and put back into involution. From there it could go through evolution again from a very basic stage and hopefully it would not repeat the mistakes of the past. This process of ‘killing’ is known as transmutation and in reality is an act of mercy to enable the particular entity to step out of its involved state and begin its upward journey back to God which is the destiny of the whole of creation.

As satan was incognito the Five Adepts had a major task on their hands. If they had unlimited amount of energy at their disposal they would search the lower astral realms in the first phase and locate the exact whereabouts of the satanic entity. Then in the next phase they would flush him out. That would be the end of the mission probably over in a matter of days.

But that was not to be. With the meagre amount of good energy available and positive Karma, the Five Adepts had to use the utmost of their cunningness, skills, fortitude and courage to bring about a successful conclusion of the mission. Added to that was the time limit that was set by the Master Aetherius to complete the task. By this time The Aetherius Society was mobilised and all the committee, staff, helpers and members were expected to help in this most dangerous task of the Adepts. A state of emergency was declared throughout the Society whilst the mission was in progress.

The only way that Operation Karmalight could be executed by the Six Adepts was with energy provided by man. Satan and his lower astral kingdoms had been accumulating negative energy over thousands of years. All the depraved and destructive thoughts and actions of people generated energy which eventually settled in the hell regions of our planet. Indeed as the Master Jesus pointed out in his Transmission that all the wars which had ever occurred had been very cleverly engineered by the lower astrals so they could build massive power houses of evil to accomplish their nefarious ends. Thus the devil had indeed been created by the total population of the world.

Thus Karmically it is man who had to transmute the evil that he had produced in the first place. Unfortunately such was the magnitude of the evil generated that ordinary man had no chance of overcoming it. Therefore through the mercy of greater Beings than man, the Six Adepts were chosen to clean up this evil from Earth. But the Adepts needed help from any source that was available to succeed in their task. However they could only use that energy which vibrated within a narrow band of frequency making their task extremely complex.

The greatest and best lessons of White Magic have been demonstrated by the Six Adepts in the performance of Operation Karmalight for future generations to enact.

7.0 Doctor George King – Primary Terrestrial Mental Channel

At the start of Doctor George King’s mission which began in 1954 he was designated as ‘Primary Terrestrial Mental Channel’ of reception on Terra by the Cosmic Masters. It was in the latter part of that year that he began to receive messages which were being transmitted by higher intelligences who inhabit the other planets in the Solar System.

Doctor King would be informed a day or so before a transmission was due to be given. At that stage he would go on a near fast, avoid conversation with people around him and would generally be a state of solitude to get himself mentally attuned. At a given time he would go to the transmission room, sit down, have a sip of orange juice laced with a trace of olive oil and compose himself. He would do his special breathing exercise and raise the power of Kundalini to at least the throat centre. His adam’s apple would rise and fall and he would be ready for the transmission to commence. Three independent tape recordings of the messages would be made to ensure that these unique transmissions were recorded correctly because of their importance for future generations to come.

It should be remembered that quite a number of these transmissions were given in public halls with large audiences. These messages as they came through the voice box of Doctor King were word perfect. There was no hesitation, mistake or any other flaw that ever occurred in any of these transmissions. If Doctor King was indeed a fake then he would need to have a perfect memory and practice his lines for days beforehand. Besides this there were quite a number of transmissions when various manipulations were in progress involving several different communicators with obviously different voices. Sometimes the actions were so rapid that two or three communicators would be speaking all at once and all this was coming through the mouth piece of Doctor King. Some of these tapes were examined by the B.B.C. technicians who said that such effects could only be reproduced in a studio with several different people involved.

Such were the abilities of Doctor George King that when the world wakes up to the work and profound teachings that he gave to the human race he would be declared as the greatest trans-medium that the world has ever had. In relation, especially to the transmissions involving actions of the Five Adepts, Doctor King had very short notice to prepare himself. From a completely cold start if he was ordered that a transmission was imminent he would drop whatever he was doing. In the intercom he would warn the technicians to prepare for the tape recorders to be switched on and ready to record the message. He would rush to the transmission room and prepare himself. Within 120 seconds of receiving the order from the higher sources he would be in a trans-state to receive the vital message. Even Saint Goo Ling stated that it was impossible to raise the power of Kundalini within 120 seconds but nevertheless Doctor King had proven that over and over again.

Doctor King was no ordinary individual to say the least. He had been searching for the meaning of life right from a very early age. At the start of the Second World War he declared himself to be a conscientious objector and joined the London’s Fire Brigade to help in the blitz as bombs fell from the air to bring about death and destruction on the ground. Towards the latter part of the war he decided that he was going to start practising yoga diligently. As well as carrying out his normal work in the daytime he would come home and start practising the different yogas that his teacher had recommended him. So he hardly slept as he practised between 8 to 10 hours of yoga every night. To the best of our knowledge nobody in the west has done anything like this before. Thus in the course of 10 years Doctor King had acquired the ability to consciously fully raise and lower the power of Kundalini. He was therefore a Master of Yoga in his own right and could go through the Initiation of Ascension and leave this Earth to go on to higher existence on another planet in the Solar System.

He had led an extremely active life throughout his youth and was very practical in all matters. For reasons that he did not know at the time he used to carry out advanced yoga visualisation practices whilst travelling on the London’s underground trains. He had become an expert at driving and was interested in boats. At one time he had climbed on foot to the top of the Blackpool Tower on the outside ladder which is a feat very few people would ever dare do. In retrospect it can be seen that this individual was preparing himself for tasks that lay ahead in life although he had no idea of what the future held for him and the world.

It would have been sufficient for Doctor King to have acted in his role as Primary Terrestrial Mental Channel so that a record of the battle of Armageddon could have been delivered through him. But that was the least of his tasks. His primary task was as Nixies Zero Zero One as the combatant extraordinaire Adept Number One – the chief strategist to determine the manner in which success in the next mission of the Five Adepts could be brought about.

Whilst Doctor King lived in Los Angeles in California, USA the other two Adepts lived in other parts of the world. Doctor King never gave any clues as to the whereabouts of Adept Number Two or Three. Such was the importance of the task ahead that it was essential to keep this information strictly secret. If the identity of these Adepts was stablished then the bm’s from the lower astral realms would have impressed their agents on the physical plane to bring about their destruction. From what was heard years later it would appear that Adept Number 3 lived somewhere in Greece and was financially very well off and owned an ocean going large boat. He had his group of quite advanced disciples who looked after him. He had climbed Mount Everest twice which is unusual. He spent a lot of his time at sea. He was rather tall and conscious of his height.

Adept Number 2 was of eastern origin and probably lived in Japan. Again, like Adept Number 3, he had his close band of disciples who looked after him. It is unlikely that these Adepts worked in regular jobs as that would have made their task almost impossible to accomplish. With the Three Adepts living in three different parts of the world they had to be available to go into action at very short notice to accomplish whatever task they had to perform. Adept Number 2 was an expert in electronics, communications and force screens. In terms of physical strength he was the weaker of the other two.

The Three Adepts constituted a formidable team of spiritual combatants. Before they came to Earth they had worked together in different theatres of operation in different parts of this galaxy and maybe even beyond. However it must be understood that when they were born on Earth as babies they had no knowledge of their abilities and skills. All those attributes had to be learnt on Earth with no help from outside. This is all part of the tremendous Karmic limitation that was imposed on them. It is also a lesson to humans as to what can be achieved through dedication and labour to gain a spiritual goal despite all the odds.

The master plan of satan Armageddon was designed to enslave man on this planet. The opposing force to counter this massive madness was designated Operation Karmalight as the Five Adepts entered into mortal combat to face the worst evil that had ever existed on Earth.


Fig 6 : The author of this article – Natu Patel at a spiritual energy battery performing a cosmic mission designed by Doctor George King. Three of these batteries were charged by the Master Jesus for the use of the Adepts in Operation Karmalight when he gave his transmission “The Three Saviours Are Here” on September 23rd 1967.

8.0 Call to Arms – Spiritual Guns

Once the call had gone out from Doctor George King that Operation Karmalight would commence shortly the whole of the Aetherius Society in USA and Britain was mobilised. All the committee, staff and members knew that uncertain times lay ahead. Unlike the previous mission such as The Alien Mission where members were not called upon to help the Five Adepts, Operation Karmalight depended very largely on the amount of energy that was available to the Adepts from people. That energy had to come from humans which was a Karmic requirement. It meant that if there was insufficient energy for a particular phase of the mission then things could go wrong or in a worst case scenario fail.

Before the commencement of the mission the atmosphere was not too dissimilar to soldiers going into battle. There was however a major difference. None of us were clad in army uniform. We carried no guns, rifles, machine guns, hand grenades or any other destructive weapons. In fact to the ordinary eye we were just citizens going about our daily lives. Nobody would suspect that there was burning turmoil going on within each individual.

The armament of each aspirant were the two psychic centres in the palm of the hands and the third crucial heart centre opposite the breast bone. The arms of the hands are spiritual guns from where a flow of psychic or spiritual energy is directed out. Using the medium of correct prayer the aspirant is able to pull energies by thought and project those out from his out-stretched hands and the heart centre. Once the energy leaves the person then it has been conditioned and becomes useable energy which is manipulated by the Devic Kingdom.

Everybody had been asked to spend as much time as possible in prayer and generating positive thoughts. The Adepts Prayer had to be said 8 to 9 times daily. Evenings and weekends were to be spent in prayer and reading holy literature or listening to lectures or addresses given by Doctor George King. Before the Adepts could embark on a Phase of Operation Karmalight they had to weigh up how much good energy was available. From that they could work out their strategy to bring about maximum result.

Operation Karmalight was not some vague thing. It was an exact battle of energy against energy. It required extra-terrestrial brains and abilities to execute it. Humanity did not have the ability to face such a demon although the devil – satan had been created by it by its own wrong thought and action throughout the ages.

The latent force of Kundalini lodged at the base of the spine is in a state of quiescence. When fired with positive energy by the practice of the different forms of Yoga, the female force of Kundalini is raised through the thin cord in the spinal column to begin to open up the different psychic centres in the body. When the full potential of the female force is realised it is said that energy could power the ocean-liner QE2 for a thousand years! The spinal column is no more than an atom-splitting machine.

The concept of the abilities of “Superman” are all too familiar to all of us having seen such displays in modern movies. Although all that may appear as childish nonsense it comes a lot closer to reality than most of us realise. In fact the abilities of Superman are indeed pale compared to our true abilities that we all have which is in a latent or sleep state. The whole essence of our existence on Earth is indeed to become aware of our true spiritual goal and then begin to raise that inner potential through correct living within the confines of the Karmic Law and through the practice of Yoga.

The Three Adepts who lived on the physical plane showed clearly what could be achieved by the human through dedication and single-mindedness to achieve a spiritual goal. Thus when the Three, joined by the other Two and later by the Master Babaji, they formed a formidable team of spiritual combatants to face the onslaught that lay in the hells of this Planet. These men were beyond supermen with abilities that would astound us. The speed at which they operated was beyond belief. When it was necessary for the Six of Them to operate as a single entity they did so in a miraculous co-ordinated form.

Probably the greatest strain lay on the shoulders of Doctor George King himself. He was already targeted by the lower astrals as he had been receiving transmissions from out of this world. In a lot of these transmissions there was gross interference to stop them from coming. The space intelligences used all measures to reduce such interference as much as they could. Added to that was the fact that Doctor King had an open organisation with followings in different parts of the world. So he was known to some extent and in particular with his association with Flying Saucers or UFO’s. Not known, of course, was the real work he was carrying out in the hell regions of the Planet. Had the black magicians known or even suspected who he really was he would have been killed. The manner in which he managed to put on the disguise of innocence, ignorance and sometimes stupidity stands as proof of the brilliance of this cosmic giant and a miracle of the last century.


Fig 7 : Natu Patel as Officer Cadet in the Royal Air Force for Aircrew Training in his short stay – discharged on medical grounds for poor eyesight. Several years later he and others were called into action by Doctor George King to help the Mighty Six Adepts in the battle of Armageddon to transmute the worst devil who had ever existed on Earth.

9.0 Armageddon – Operation Karmalight Begins

Soon after the commandment that the Master Jesus gave in September 1967, the war clouds had begun to gather momentum in the hells of Earth. Except for a handful of few hundred people scattered in different parts of the world, the majority of billions had no conception of what was going to commence very shortly to save them from a fate far worse than any death they had ever experienced in their former lives. Many a times Doctor George King had said that those were the most significant times in our history ever since we took up residence on this Planet after the destruction of Maldek.

At the American Headquarters of the Aetherius Society in Los Angeles, the society was placed on red alert. The secretary from the London Headquarters – Reginald Holdaway had been asked to move to LA to help in the mission. Protective measures had been put in place in case an attack came directly from the lower astral realms. Doctor George King had devised a special powder which was filled in bullets by Charles Abrahamson who was the right-hand man of Doctor King in LA. If an attack came then whoever was carrying the gun would drop down on the floor and fire these bullets at random in all directions. The special powder in the bullets would slow down the movements of any black magician who was attacking. Whilst this happened it would give Doctor King just enough time to project from his body and face the bm and hopefully sort him out.

It should be noted that Charles Abrahamson had been engaged in the Korean War in the early nineteen fifties and had acted as a professional photographer. He was used to working under pressure and therefore a great asset to Doctor King. This man also had an abundance of energy and a crack-shot if his skills were required at any time. Doctor King himself was a crack-shot and often went to a local firing range with Charles to keep up their skills.

A second protective measure was to use the spiritual energy batteries which were charged by the Master Jesus when he gave his blessings to the Six Adepts on September 23rd 1967. One of the three batteries was kept on standby. Specially designed crystal links were carried by key personnel in LA. If an attack came from a bm or the lower astrals then these people would quickly position themselves around the headquarters. The battery would be connected to the spiritual energy radiator which would then start to emit energies via the crystal links and flood the whole building with high frequency energy. Any attacking force would have to either run away very fast or accept the energy and get transmuted. In the meantime Doctor King could take whatever action was required depending on the circumstances at the time.

Towards the end of October 1967, the mission of the Six Adepts was launched and the historic Armageddon – Operation Karmalight began in earnest. As each phase was performed the Master Aetherius gave a running commentary of the action that was taking place through the voice-box of Doctor George King. The only people who heard these transmissions were those who were recording the message on the tape recorders. From time to time Doctor King would have a short note published in the society’s newsletters to say that such and such phase had been completed. No other information was given for obvious reasons of security. The data presented in this report comes partly from the Newsletters and some from the actual transmissions which were played to the membership many years later.


Fig 8 : Picture of a model of a space craft referred to as a “Scout Patrol Vessel” with a diameter of 35 feet (11 metres). The Six Adepts used much larger craft with heavy armament and powerful force screens and screens of invisibility in their battle against the forces of evil in the lower astral realms. Several of these craft were destroyed in action but fortunately none of the Six Adepts were killed. These craft are capable of speeds well in excess of the speed of light and can move from level to level. They are made of an organic metal which is almost indestructible and amenable to thought. The secret of this metal was known in the days of Atlantis and used in the flying craft known as the “Vimanas” mentioned in the Hindu literature such as “Ramayana”.

9.1 Phase 1 : The War Clouds – 26th October 1967

A gigantic aircraft carrier was on its way across the seas to a distant land which was still holding out against the might of satan. This carrier was equipped with the most sophisticated weaponry and defence system that could be imagined. It was protected by a force screen that could not be broken. Bombardment by conventional weapons – such as those on the physical plane, could be directed against it for a hundred years and it would not dent it. As well as this the craft was capable of traversing through water at colossal speeds that we would consider impossible in our world.

When aircraft needed to be launched or landed the force screen was taken down for very short duration and re-energised instantly. There was a lot of fighting power available in the vessel.

Satan’s plan was to bring this out-lying post which was still holding against his domination by total annihilation using conventional weapons. Although the Adepts could destroy this carrier out-right their plan was to proceed with caution and not attract too much attention at this early stage of the conflict. Their mission was to cause disruption in satan’s plans so that he would begin to intervene more directly and that way maybe expose himself to the Adepts who could then flush him out.

Before the Adepts could make any move they needed to make a very good assessment of the strength of their opposing forces. Since the late 1950’s, the Adepts had been carrying out quite a lot of cleansing operations in the lower astral so they had accumulated a good working knowledge of the realms and the way the black magicians operated. The bm’s in turn had been aware of the annoying interference by the Adepts and had been making desperate attempts to catch them and destroy them. Over the years whenever important manoeuvres were being carried out by the Adepts in the lower astral realms, the Master Aetherius gave a transmission through the voice-box of Doctor George King thus providing the human race with a record of those happening for future generations. When these transmissions are accepted and played over to the public they will stand as the greatest pillars of truth ever presented for all to learn from and activate in their own lives.

In this particular phase of the mission there was not a lot of action except that the Adepts in their craft exposed themselves for the attacking forces to launch missile and artillery fire against them. As this was happening Adept Number 2 was busy making an assessment of the weapons being thrown against them. This man had a brilliant brain and was able to study carefully to work out the nature of the strength of the force screens and the different weapons being thrust against them.

Needless to say that as the phase completed the Adepts retreated to their base and the Three of them projected back to their physical bodies. The other Two not so restricted went back to their own destination.

The nature of Doctor George King’s return to his physical body was quite shocking. If his departure on a phase was more than one hour then his life was in grave danger. On return his helpers needed to lift his body out of the chair upon which he sat. A camp bed was permanently kept in the transmission room where he would be carefully placed to rest. If he was having problems with breathing then an oxygen mask with a tank was on hand to revive him. Then he was given spiritual healing, sometimes lasting over several hours before he regained composure and his faculties. It is true to say that very few people would have been able to witness the chain of events that unfolded in the transmission room following the completion of a dangerous phase of the Adepts in the lower astral realms. Likewise, Adepts Number 2 and 3 would have had similar procedures to follow to bring them back to life after the ordeal and strain of these phases.

9.2 Phase 2 : Attack – 8th November 1967

The aircraft carrier was proceeding towards its destination at moderate speed. The Adept’s craft appeared and disappeared in the sky. The force screen around the carrier was taken down and two aircraft were rapidly launched to investigate. The aircraft disappeared in a cloud. One of the Adepts took over control of one of the aircraft and diligently began a search for the alien craft which had been causing nuisance for the carrier. When nothing was discovered the two aircraft prepared to land on the carrier deck. The force screen was taken down for that tiny moment during which time the Adepts craft moved and landed smack bang on the deck as well as the two aircraft. There was real panic on deck and all the weapons available were fired at point blank range at the alien craft. The weapons hit against the force screen of the alien craft generating tremendous heat which began to melt the thick steel deck. Such was the heat generated that the alien craft cut its way through several decks in the carrier. In the meantime the alien craft was also firing its weapons causing untold damage to the carrier.

The Adepts jumped out of their craft and engaged in battle against robots as well as soldiers. A little later the Prince and his followers appeared and briefly greeted the Adepts. The Prince and his helpers had entered the aircraft carrier thoroughly disguised to carry out some internal subterfuge to aid the work of the Adepts. After causing as much damage to the aircraft carrier that they could the whole party of them left the battle zone as fast as they could. (The Prince and his followers were cut-throats and soldiers of fortune in the lower astral realms. In 1963, the Prince encountered the Three Adepts who showed him the grave mistake that he had made thousands of years ago. On realising that he changed and agreed to help the Adepts. He and his band could have moved out of the hells at that time but decided to stay put to help the Adepts as they knew the lower astral realms so well.)

The aircraft carrier had been quite severely damaged and needed to call to port to carry out essential repairs to get it back to its fighting capability as soon as possible.

9.3 Phase 3 : Ghost Ship – 29th November 1967

A large battleship was dispatched to catch and destroy the culprits who had caused serious damage to the aircraft carrier which had been put out of commission at least for a time. The battleship had on board a very powerful and prominent black magician who had assured his superiors that he would destroy the antagonists using his magical powers. This man had claimed that he could catch the thugs using his psychic abilities. Like so many black magicians in the lower astral realms who are homo-sexual, this magician was no exception. He had his retinue of four male wives who fussed over him and kept him happy.

The magician was quite confident that he would succeed in his task to catch and destroy the troublesome individuals who had been disrupting the major plan of satan. It was night time as the battleship was moving swiftly along its set path. There was heavy fog about which made visibility low. Operators on the ship were keeping a watchful eye for any foe which may appear at any time. After a while a ship was observed some distance away. Missiles from the battleship were launched towards the alien ship but it was protected by a force screen so no damage was noted. The bombardment however continued.

A little while later the magician began to get agitated and told the captain of the ship that he would destroy the enemy ship using his magical powers. The captain agreed. The magician directed his powers by thought towards the ship and in an instant the enemy ship gone. It had simply vanished into the thin air leaving no trace behind. The operators on the ship confirmed that the enemy ship had indeed disappeared from their detecting instrumentation. There was immediate jubilation on deck as the magician was congratulated for his great prowess.

Sometime later the enemy ship appeared again but this time in a different location! Now there was real pandemonium on station. Everybody was puzzled as to what had really happened. The ship had been destroyed so how could it reappear again completely intact. The magician took over again and using his powers of black magic directed a beam of destructive energy towards the enemy ship to cause it to disintegrate and disappear into thin air. This time it did not reappear much to the delight of the magician, the captain and crew aboard.

Thus ended another phase of Operation Karmalight in the battle to save humanity from total control by the denizens in the lower astral realms of this Earth. In fact the enemy ship never existed but was a thought projection created by Adept Number One and the Master Babaji who is code-named Adept Number Six. It was essential to generate this ghost ship by thought and keep it in place to fool the magician and the crew on the battleship that it was real in every sense of the word. Such thought projections require tremendous mental energy and is very taxing on part of the individuals carrying it out. The phase was successful in making the magician believe that they had won an important battle.

9.4 Phase 4 : Sabotage – 9th December 1967

A top level meeting of black magicians, military officers and advisors was arranged in a very large but secret hall in the lower astral realm. Individuals, small and large groups of attenders entered the room and sat in their respective places. There was conversation and discussion went on before the proceedings began.

High above in space the Adepts craft was hovering, protected by screens of invisibility, under the watchful eyes of the Three Adepts. Using the Saturnian Analysers, beams were being projected to individuals and groups alike to cause certain agitation in the air. One of the army officers lost his cool and started picking on a naval officer. The two became heated up and rose to their feet. The bigger army officer struck a blow to the smaller naval officer and knocked him to the ground.

There was a delay in the start of the meeting as they were still waiting for the top brass to appear. Certain of the black magicians, trusting nobody, were getting agitated and restless. As the Adepts continued their subtle manoeuvres from their craft more and more of the attenders became disturbed and some of them almost on the verge of leaving as uncertainty arose in the atmosphere. Some of the black magicians who were capable of levitation rose and began to proceed towards the exits in the hall.

The Adepts objective was to cause disruption in the meeting so no progress could be made by the lower astrals to plan their future strategy. Next, the Three Adepts appeared in the hall and a hand-to-hand combat ensued. As they were overwhelmed by the opposition in numbers they could not stay in action for too long. Quickly the Three of them projected back into the craft and sped away in a hurry. However two of the black magicians latched on to Adept Number Three and also ended up in the craft. Number Three bashed the two heads of the magicians together and put them out of commission as they lay on the floor of the craft. He felt sorry for himself that perhaps he had used too much force!

The Adepts knew exactly what to do next. They knew that black magicians loath primitive people and try and avoid any contact with them. The Adepts took their craft to a small hut in the middle of a desert and carefully placed the two unconscious black magicians in beds inside it. When they would wake up later they would not know where they were and to find themselves in such lowly and basic surroundings would drive them insane!

Thus did the Five Adepts bring about yet another small alteration in the master plan conceived by the devil in the lower astral realms of Earth.

9.5 Phase 5 : Commando Tactics – 10th January 1968

Between 9.07 pm and 10.04 pm on Wednesday January 10th , 1968 the Five Adepts went into battle in the lower astral realms and successfully completed Phase Number 5 of Operation Karmalight. In our time this phase lasted 57 minutes which was probably more like three hours on the level that the Adepts were operating on.

Phase Five was packed with lightening action as the Five Adepts went into an important underground area to put a very deadly piece of mechanism out of action. Time and time again they materialised, attacked and de-materialised and left this place. Whilst this was going on one of their number in a craft protected by screens of invisibility high above simulated an outside attack upon the powerful fortress. During this phase they used new pieces of equipment which proved to be very successful. As the fortress was too heavily guarded they had to use commando tactics which required split second timing. But all this was carried out very successfully to put out of action a giant mechanism that the black magicians would miss very much in their future war

During this phase the Adepts used some improved stunning weapons which do not hurt any lifeform but render immediate unconsciousness without any detrimental after effects whatsoever. These proved very effective as they could be used very quickly and like all other defence and offense used by the Adepts are not only humane but also operate within the governing confines of the Law for which they work.

Listening to the brilliant commentary delivered by the Master Aetherius through Doctor George King teaches many lessons. One important aspect is the demonstration of complete brotherhood. The Five Adepts seem to work as one intelligence. There has never been a case of one of the Adepts slipping up on his job. There has never been a case of anyone refusing to take an order from Number One, if it applies to strategy – Number Two, if it applies to electronic knowledge – Number Three, if it applies to reaction speeds and fire power – Number Four, if it applies to electronics and surgical skills – Number Five, if it applies to complex and highly dangerous explosives. The commentaries also teach us more about practical occultism than anything given to the Earth at any time from any source.

Doctor King stated that if every member of The Aetherius Society was as willing to co-operate with the society as fully and completely as the Five Adepts co-operate between themselves and with the all pervasive Karmic Law – then the society would be at least a hundred times more effective than it was then.

The day after this Phase was completed Doctor King went down with a cold and pains in the back and neck, complicated by a touch of laryngitis, caused by the strain of the Transmission. Over the next few days his condition became worse with vomiting and he had severe internal haemorrhage in the lower parts of the body. Fortunately as the days went by his condition improved. Nevertheless he could not take a break to have a rest to re-generate himself. We cannot imagine the strain that lay on his mental and physical state. A chiropractor who had examined him asked him seriously whether he had been severely lashed as his skin was so badly bruised on his back!

By this time Operation Karmalight had really begun to move. The pressure on all those people helping the Adepts in their task was increasing by the day. It was definitely like war-time with people on edge with worry and concern. Although I was a long distance away from London and there were no other members around locally I could feel the strain in the ethers. To ensure I did not waste any time in useless pursuits and day dreaming, all my spare time was spent in some constructive spiritual activity. Everything that was ever published in the society’s newsletter in connection with Operation Karmalight was recorded on a reel-to-reel tape recorder so I could listen to it over and over again.

Time was spent in doing the Yoga breathing exercises every morning. After work in the evenings activities ranged from long sessions of prayer, Mantra and readings. It was necessary to keep as low a profile as was possible in day-to-day activities especially when dealing with other people. I knew only too well that I could explode if I was provoked in any way. The fact that I was helping the Adepts in their Mission meant that my actions would be noted by those in the lower astrals and therefore prompt somebody of a weaker mind to strike a blow at me. In case people think that this is nonsense, think again. Throughout the many months that the Mission was going I was hounded by dogs who took a particular dislike of me. A lot of them barked ferrous whilst I was in sight of them. Some of them would have taken several chunks out of me if they had a chance. And yet once the Mission was over I have never had any encounters of that nature ever.

The pressure in the ethers increased as we were approaching a phase of Operation Karmalight. None of us had any idea what was going on in LA and when the phases were due to take place. The draw of energy from the body was unbelievable. Three or four days before a phase, energy was sucked out of body to that extent that I felt I was going to die. Imagine that a very sharp razer blade was actually cutting through the skin and flesh in centre of each palm and this sensation became progressively worse as time went by. It was certainly not a pleasant experience and one I would not like to go through again. If all this was in my head then certainly the sensation disappeared as soon as the Mission finished.

9.6 Phase 6 : The Worm Bites – 2nd February 1968

Phase 6 of Operation Karmalight was performed by the Five Adepts on February 2nd 1968 between 10.00 pm and 11.29 pm. This was the longest action in the Mission to date lasting 89 minutes in Earth time which probably meant several hours in the time frame the Five Adepts were operating.

During this combat to get to the objective of a powerful power house the Interplanetary Agents had to dissect a complex electro-magnetic screen made up of overlapping beams of energy which were skilfully and cunningly woven together. It seemed rather like taking apart, thread by thread, a tightly woven piece of cloth in such a way as to leave no unconnected threads. Each one of these overlapping beams, if broken anywhere along its length, would have triggered off an alarm system. Adept Number One had invented a large piece of mechanism which was referred to as the “worm” which worked away underground to make a pathway for large machinery to be carried to the target. Had the alarm gone off this extremely vulnerable equipment would have caused an immediate destruction of the Adepts.

At long last the plant was put out of action by the Adepts in such a way as to render unconsciousness and not death to the specialised draftsmen, engineers and electronic experts who worked in the underground factory. At no time was it occupied by the Adepts. As soon as the controlling authority suspected some problem he immediately exploded an atomic bomb thereby killing all the workers in the factory. This murderous entity did not want the factory to fall in the hands of any enemy force. The Adepts had to go into action to absorb any radio-active fallout which would travel through the realms and affect all life on Earth in one form or another.

It should be noted that even taking a transmission – never mind the real work that Doctor George King was engaged on was extremely dangerous. For the first half hour, there was a danger of grave cellular disturbance, especially from the heart up and more towards the brain. That was precipitated by the excitation of these cells by outside stimuli, that was the impingement of the wave forms from the Master Aetherius who was delivering the eye-witness account of an Operation Karmalight action. After one hour of such abnormal strain, the cellular situation becomes critical as certain nerve centres are dormant and others are extremely active causing a physical imbalance in the bodily machine. As Phase 6 lasted 89 minutes this constituted a grave mental strain and a prolonged imbalance in the functions of blood and lymphatic passages throughout the body. No terrestrial physical body could take such pressures for long without severe deterioration. It could be said that Doctor George King survived such an ordeal.

9.7 Phase 7 : The Assassin – 11th March 1968

The time between Phase No. 6 and Phase No. 7, five weeks in terrestrial time (probably about three months in the time equivalent on the lower astral realms), was spent in intensive research and planning master move which would bring the latter to a successful conclusion. This Phase was performed by the Adepts on one of the main days of festivity on the lower astral realms when senior official and worker alike were allowed to indulge in drugs, sex and any other perversions their warped desires created a yearning for. The Five Adepts chose their time when the target area was manned mainly by robots and only a few human intelligences.

The target area was protected by a screen so powerful that it would have taken the Five Adepts over 1000 hours to penetrate by forces applied from the outside. The Adepts could not afford the time or the energy to do this. So reluctantly they decided to send one of their number thoroughly disguised into the enemy camp. This was one Phase where there was a lot of disagreement amongst the Adepts because of the tremendous risk involved but a compromise solution was reached. This was an episode far more exciting than any James Bond movie but even more important still, it was not a fictional action but a vital aspect of living truth.

The Adept working as the “undercover agent was able to make his way into the deep underground chambers where the generators for the force screens were housed. Without causing any loss of life the agent was able to place explosive missiles to destroy the target. While the majority of humanity was preoccupied with its petty problems, the Five Adepts for no financial or other rewards were planning and fighting for all. The Adepts knew that their agent was in enemy camp and if he made the slightest mistake he would be destroyed without any trial or justice.

The target was destroyed and the agent was picked up by the main craft of the Adepts. It was then that it happened! Some fantastically powerful and highly sophisticated beam of energy hit the craft that the Three Adepts were manoeuvring. The force screen was torn apart but fortunately none of the Three Adepts were injured or killed. After careful consideration they decided to evacuate and let it drop into the target area and be destroyed. In the meantime the other two Adept’s craft came and rescued the Three Adepts and they all moved to safe ground.

Only a short distance from the target area was the largest concentration of nuclear rockets on the lower astral realms and by this time every silo was opened and the rockets were being armed by remote control. A criss-cross of detector beams were lacing the area and as soon as anything was picked out would have come several ballistic missiles armed with hydrogen bomb warheads guided by the most sophisticated sensors.

After such a frightening experience even a brave earthman would have hesitated to return to the scene of conflict. But the Five Adepts were greater by far than any earthman. They went back into action in another larger craft to finish off the obliteration of the major target. So fast did Number One manoeuver the craft that no sensor beam could pick him up and no land to air hydrogen warhead missile was launched against him.

After this the Three of them returned to their ordinary terrestrial bodies to live in a very ordinary way as “ordinary” beings until the next call to action

A great war had begun. The combatants were moving deftly about the ring. Testing each other’s defences. Sooner or later they would recognise each other and then come to terrifying grips. It was then that Operation Karmalight would have been felt in one way or another throughout the world. But without the Five Adepts willing to take up cudgels – impossible for humans to bear –the repercussions would be worse by far than the greatest evil yet produced in the blood stained pages of the terrible world history. When eventually light prevails Operation Karmalight will become a realm of study and vital object lesson for all life upon all worlds in God’s Creation.

9.8 Phase 8 : (Silent – No recording) 31st March 1968

On March 31st 1968, between 8.50 pm and 9.57 pm Phase Number Eight of Operation Karmalight was performed successfully. This Phase was so secret that the Master Aetherius did not give the usual running commentary on it.

Nothing could be said about Phase Number 8 because of its top secret classification. It could be stated that the Five Adepts did not come into direct conflict with forces from the evil lower astral realms.

9.9 Phase 9 : (Silent – No recording) 15th April 1968

Phase 9 of Operation Karmalight was successfully completed by the Five Adepts on Easter Monday, April 15th, between 9.15 pm and 9.55 pm. As with Phase 8, this too was of such secret nature that the Master Aetherius did not give any running commentary on it. In fact, even directors and staff working at the headquarters on Monday night did not realise that Phase 9 was taking place until it was announced to them afterwards by Doctor King

It was stated that the Five Adepts were as well as could be expected as they did not come into conflict with forces from the lower astral realms. One more piece of the complex jigsaw puzzle, which was Operation Karmalight, was forged by those Valiant Beings – the Five Adepts.

It was about this time that a massive dust cloud had formed over Egypt, mainly consisting of fine sand, which rose to very high altitude. Winds coming from the east carried it over Europe and it landed manly over England. Cars parked in the open were covered with fine layer of sand. This had never occurred before. I was intrigued by this and wondered whether the black magicians had started invocation of the Devic forces to bring about havoc on the physical plane. Years later I learnt that I was incorrect in my assessment.

Inspired Writing by Doctor George King on Human Frailty

(Reference : The Aetherius Society News Letter, Volume 7, issues 11 & 12, June 1968)

“For thousands of years, man has fought and died for freedom. But all too seldom has he looked into his own heart from whence the tree of freedom springs, nurtured by the desires of spiritual choice. He has shown indomitable courage on the battlefield, with basic freedom as the prize of war, yet after the war drums have sounded the cease-fire, his courage has oft-times failed him in the peace which followed.

“For thousands of years wearing many different faces and cloaks, have the law-givers shown to man the path to follow. Yet, oft-times has he rejected this, to either laze in the sun of luxury, uncaring or worse still, to plot for his own selfish ends. Such plotters have guaranteed that the peace, following each murderous conflagration, is uncertain and short-lived by bringing about conditions, again and again, where the basic freedom of man was weighed in the balance on a battlefield – dyed red by the blood of those who perished.

“Slowly, from the blundering stage of sticks and stones, man has risen to the killer-age of nuclear sophistication. And always, the greater part of his united efforts have been expended, not towards the shaky, uncertain peace which followed each conflict, but in preparation for the next. Thus, throughout the ages has man disregarded the basic, simple Laws as given to him, over and over again, by those whose assignment it was to make those Laws known to him – throughout the ages, in all languages – so that all who really desired, could learn the way to live in peace – true peace: could learn the road to freedom – lasting freedom.

“While all this was taking place and because of man’s predetermined reactions to the plotters and schemers, he became as clay in the hands of the devils from hell, who gained nourishment and greater powers through their continued use of the fighting robot – man.

“Mankind, in the main, turning away from the Jesus’s and following the generals, gave to his age – not lasting peace, prosperity and happiness – but war, poverty and misery. And all the time the evil shadows, lurking in the blackness to prey upon the basic shortcomings of man, gained greater strength, greater power, more perverted enjoyment from the suffering of their human pawns. And now, man, falling for the cunningly laid schemes of his evil manipulators, has, in this century, reached the peak of his ability to murder. In this day and age of so-called “free civilization”, his best brains, his greatest drive is not, as one might expect, to be found in the fields of the cure of disease and famine, it is in the field of further sophistication of weaponry. At any time, the true conquerors of the human race, laying in their foul lairs of perversion, can direct a thought beam to communists or capitalists alike, designed to bring about an unholy devastation of God’s children.
“Man, because so many times has he fallen foul of the great Laws of Love and Service, is but a pawn in their hands – can be manipulated with ease by the evil ones.
“On the face of it, the solution to this problem now seems hopeless, for now the majority have become habitually addicted to continual war and like a drug taker, are no longer willing to expend the energy necessary to break their terrible addition.

“The freedom of the human race would by now have been doomed – but for one decisive move.

“Ancient thoughts, defying the boundaries of time and space, reached out far through this system and dwelt, momentarily, in the minds of man. They swept through the realms of intelligence on the subtle planes and down through the physical into the depths of the perverted hells and dwelt there and learned and were recalled to their operating point of consciousness with a complete knowledge of the mental conditions on and associated with this planet.

“The minds joined together in concentration, deduction – and formulation of a plan.
“These minds, ancient in their wisdom, beyond belief in their abilities, conferred and took into account all aspects for and against their cosmic scheme. The Karma of terrestrial man, presented the greatest problem to be overcome. But they were wise enough to be able to take even this into consideration. They did so and out reached their thoughts again, to touch the minds of other, less evolved beings than themselves. Beings who, because of their specialised and unique skills, could be used to good avail in the inevitable fight for human freedom on the planet – Earth.

“The three minds they touched, agreed to the cosmic assignment and sometime after 1900 A.D., three points of consciousness appeared in male humanoid bodies on Earth. These points of consciousness, devoid by Karmic Law of their great powers, grew into manhood, through experience cycle after experience cycle – until today, as apparent terrestrials they are ready to stand between mankind and the stupendous forces in the hells of perversion.
“Their battle will be long and dangerous, Their weapons will only be those allowed by the Karmic Lords, themselves, and not one step will they take over the boundary as laid down by the Lords.

“These three beings – by Karmic grace, by the compassion inborn in the love of God which pervades all things – have been allowed two more helpers who, although devoid of their greatest metaphysical powers, are nevertheless not imprisoned in terrestrial bodies.
“Thus do the Five stand between you and genius so powerful, that you would be blinded by its knowledge and wisdom. So evil that you would be sent mad if you could read the depths of its perverted mind. So merciless that you would die of fright if you knew its devilish plans for the future of each of you!

“Five Beings stand between ALL of you and this utter vileness. Five solitary Beings, stripped of their powers because your Karma will not allow a full-scale Divine Intervention on your behalf. Five Beings whose consciousness comes from other worlds, maybe even from other times.

“Theirs is not to question the wisdom of the Ancient Ones upon whose directives they act. Theirs is but to come, with holy compassion in their hearts, to save ALL terrestrial men from the evil monsters which mankind has himself created.

“And thus stand the Five Adepts in their Cosmic assignment and the name of this is Operation Karmalight. An operation, the necessity for which was foreseen centuries ago by the Masters of Wisdom, Who reached out and touched the Five Minds and brought them in your aid in these all important and most terrible days in your history.

9.10 Phase 10 : (Silent – Approval sought from Saturn) – 23rd April 1968

Since the mid 1950’s the Five Adepts had travelled through the lower astral realms to carry out essential cleansing operations but more importantly to make an assessment of the true conditions and workings of those realms. They had come, each one alone, a travel worn explorer, searching diligently for any fragment of knowledge which would help them to solve their stupendous problems. Later they placed on the bench of action the jewels they had found. They sorted these out with the utmost care knowing that the fate of a world rested on every choice they made.

Discussion – deep, profound, careful
Decision – definite, far reaching, awful
Action – controlled, precise, mathematical
Results – positive – but the permission for use – uncertain

And so after bringing into being a master plan for the protection of mankind from the fury of the hellions, did the Five Adepts await the summons – for their acceptance of rejection of their plan. Each of them knew that when Operation Karmalight had reached its peak, the devils – realising for the first time that a concerted effort was being used against them – would reek their pitiless vengeance upon helpless man. In this knowledge, the Adepts had come together with strategically planned moves specifically designed to protect the helpless creatures upon Earth from the merciless fury of those whose positions would be threatened.

Day flowed into day – then suddenly without much forewarning, it came – that magnificent summons. Five warm hearts leapt within Five flesh and blood prisons when it came.

The journey made by the Adepts, between 10.10 pm and 10.50 pm on April 23rd, 1968, when projected from their terrestrial bodies, was short and brief. Their destination was a mighty temple on the Planet Saturn.

The Five Adepts travelled through space at lightning speed towards the beckoning source – a source so great as to be almost awful to each of them. They bowed in awe before the source of the scintillating light. The mighty being from Saturn brought into being a humanoid form which came towards them and bid them to approach.

The time had come. They were invited, delicately, to put forward their ideas, formulations and to demonstrate their plan for the future enactment of Operation Karmalight. The scene was awesome. Five Beings stood in a mighty temple, the like of which has never been seen on Earth. On a dais in front stood a humanoid form, the perfection of which has never been seen by any man. Behind that – dazzling light – the source of this form – its very creator.

They put forward the major outlines of their plan – and awaited acceptance or rejection. Each one of them realised that their journey there was an essential Karmic ritual. That the Cosmic Being from Saturn already knew of their actions and had already made an evaluation of them. But the enactment, as with all occult ritual, was an essential aspect of the all pervasive Law of Karma. So they waited – patiently, expectantly.
The decision came. Their plan was agreed upon in moderation!

No mortal mind could appreciate the deep relief which was felt by the Five Adepts when their plan for the direct protection of mankind and for the further continuance of Operation Karmalight had been accepted by the Master from Saturn who was acting directly on instruction from the lords of Karma.

Their plan accepted – the Five Adepts left that most sacred place with an unimaginable reluctance. They returned to their mundane surroundings of gloom – lights burning dimly – deep breaths – spasms of cold racking their physical bodies – and aching limbs.
And thus was Phase 10 of Operation Karmalight performed successfully beyond the wildest imaginings of even the Five Adepts. And now what? After the acceptance of the major plan, formulated by the Five Adepts for the protection of mankind from the fury of the lower astral realms and the furtherance of Operation Karmalight, it meant that the mission would start in real earnest. The acceptance of the strategic plans of the Five Adepts by the Supreme Cosmic Hierarchy had shortened Operation Karmalight quite considerably. But it would also be all the more intense while it continued.

The main part of the Mission was just beginning. The first phases were only preliminary rounds which gave the Adepts a chance to formulate their strategy.

9.11 Phase 11 : The New Weapon – 14th May 1968

Phase 11 of Operation Karmalight was successfully performed by the Five Adepts between 10.16 pm and 11.23 pm, on May 14th 1968. This phase marked the beginning of a concerted effort by the Adepts to locate and flush out satan and his henchmen lurking in the hell regions of our planet. The newly adopted procedure used in this phase made up a blueprint of psychological and mental warfare never seen on Earth coupled with a compassionate outcome saving hundreds of lives in the process.

The objective was an immense atomic powered submarine, carrying underwater hydrogen bomb rocket launching apparatus on its way to attack an old feudal system that was still holding out against the power of the overlords. Although the Five Adepts had a terrible weapon of destroying the submarine in a very short time they nevertheless engaged in a long encounter of psychological and mental warfare. The process was long and arduous. It was cleverly made out that there was a serious radiation leak from the power plant so that the submarine surfaced and all the captain and crew evacuated while the de-contamination equipment aboard was activated to clean up the vessel.

It was then that the Five Adepts showed themselves and sank the vessel after neutralising the atomic pile and the hydrogen bomb warheads aboard. The ship was boarded by Number One and Two who brought about the neutralisation through a major alteration in the information fed into the memory banks of the main computer which governed all atomic functions aboard. It was only after every crew member was in a lifeboat that the Adepts sank the submarine. They even gave food and life-sustaining equipment to the stranded astrals. All the lower astral entities in this engagement survived as they were picked up within a few hours after abandoning ship.

9.12 Phase 12 : Backfire – 29th May 1968

Phase 12 of Operation Karmalight was performed between 8.35 pm and 9.27 pm, on May 29th 1968. Although this phase was successful in some ways, it was disappointing to the Five Adepts who had expected better results especially in view of the strategic moves that they had planned.

As the Adepts boarded their craft they noticed that it had been very cleverly sabotaged by the opposing forces who had incorporated very powerful miniature transmitters in plastic explosive materials designed to relay a beam of radio energy to the enemy thereby giving their approximate position. The Adepts made out they were not aware of the sabotage carried out to their craft.

The Adepts were attacked by a much larger craft which they managed to capture in order to use it for future strategic purpose. However this move was foiled when the attacking intelligence realised that the Adepts had control of it. Such was the battering that the space-craft received from the weapons thrown against it that it began to melt. Molten metal and crystal swam on the floor generating tremendous heat. By this time the craft was almost held together by sheer thought of the Adepts. In the heat Number Two passed out. Number One and Two dragged him out of his seat and managed to escape from the craft unharmed before it was completely destroyed. Both the adversaries’ and the Adepts’ schemes backfired to some extent and it ended up with a deadlock.

Again the Adepts, after rendering the crew of the attacking vessel unconscious, landed them safely, thereby demonstrating the deep compassion for all living entities which they had displayed throughout the mission.

9.13 Phase 13 : The V.I.P. – 12th June 1968

While the vast populous of this Earth went about their ordinary, everyday tasks, the Five Adepts were engaged in a titanic struggle on the lower astral realms from 9.27 pm to 10.52 pm on June 12th 1968. During the 84 minutes 45 seconds of Phase 13, the Adepts were forced into many lightning-like decisions and equally lightning-like moves. This was the second longest phase of Operation Karmalight.

The trance condition was particularly arduous on the physical structure of Doctor George King. Unfortunately he could not go away to the seaside for a break as he was on standby for the next phase of the mission.

Another phase had been completed – another step towards the eventual accomplishment of that terrible mission to save the whole human race from the appalling conditions which would be brought about on the surface of Earth were it not for the gallant five – whose debt humanity will never repay.

9.14 Phase 14 : The Masquerade – 21st June 1968

Between 9.40 pm and 10.47 pm on June 21st 1968, the Five Adepts successfully accomplished Phase 14 of the difficult mission Operation Karmalight. During the 67 minutes 15 seconds of this very difficult Phase much was accomplished by the forces of light.

The action unfolded thus. It was night-time. A large collection of over 60 soldiers, security officers and guards were marching through a small town. They were all armed and ready for any attack that may come from any quarter. They were equipped with laser projectors, high powered rifles and guns ready for action anytime. At the centre of the crowd was the top black magician who was well protected on a visit to meet an important noble Chinaman who lived in that town. This visit had been arranged sometime before.

As the party arrived at their destination the chief left them and proceeded towards the building where the Chinaman resided. He walked through the various doors and corridors as he was very familiar with this set up having been there many times before. Eventually he entered the door of the chamber where the Chinaman was waiting. They greeted each other cordially and soon ensued in detailed conversation about important matters and the main reason for the chief’s visit. The Chinaman offers him a cup of Chinese tea which they drink with great deliberation. However, the Chinaman had noticed some tiny differences in the mannerism of the chief with regards to his requirements of the tea. But he put them aside out of mind; there were more important matters to attend to.

After their meeting the Chinaman retired into another chamber to prepare himself for going out with the chief. Soon after they left the chamber they entered a lift which would take them to the ground floor. As the door of the lift closed the suspecting Chinaman asked the chief : “Who exactly are you?”. At that moment Adept Number 3, who was disguised as the chief replied : “I am an agent of Karma. I have come to get you”. As those words were spoken the Chinaman made a concerted effort to project out of the lift. But nobody could get out of the grips of Adept Number 3 who had colossal strength.
Immediately, Adept Number 3 tightly griped the Chinaman and both of them projected straight out of the lift and onto Level Seven of the Planet. The Chinaman tried with his might to loosen himself from the iron grips of the other. But he did not succeed. Adept Number 3 let go of the Chinaman. Instantly the whole body of the Chinaman was torn apart and his consciousness transmuted. The awful negative vibration of the Chinaman could not remain intact for any instant of time on that the most advanced level of manifestation of Earth.

At the end of the transmission the Master Aetherius stated in a grim and sad tone that it was so said to see a vast intelligence with such mental capability coming to such an awful end. As it turned out the Chinaman was no other than one aspect of satan himself cleverly disguised to hide his true identity. So a very significant phase of Operation Karmalight had been carried out by the Five Adepts on behalf of humanity.

Through extremely complex and cunning spying that the Adepts had been carrying out they had discovered that an important meeting was going to take place between the black magician and the Chinaman. It all had to be co-ordinated and timed perfectly. At the right time the black magician was put out of commission and his place was taken over by Adept Number 3, thoroughly disguised to hide his true identity.
So the first aspect of the entity known as satan was caught and transmuted in this significant Phase 14 of Operation Karmalight.

Catch the Culprits!

Soon after Operation Karmalight had begun and news spread that there were some annoying characters interfering with the plans of satan, a call went out throughout the lower astral realms to catch the culprits. The highest award would be offered to anyone who managed to capture and bring dead or alive any or all of the thugs. This was naturally a very challenging option offered to anyone who could bring about destruction of the thugs.

As on the physical plane, there are also many martial arts schools on the lower astral realms which have been in existence for long times. One of these schools with the most powerful of the martial arts teachers and students decided to take up that challenge. They increased their activities to prepare themselves for any such encounter.

News that a call had gone out throughout the lower astral realms to catch the Adepts and bring them dead or alive reached the ears of the Adepts as well. They waited patiently for many months for something to turn up but nothing happened! Finally, they decided to call in at the top martial arts school which housed the most prominent students. They materialised and came face-to-face with the leading student there. Adept Number Three tapped the shoulder of the student and put his collar bone out of joint. Number Three said there was not much joy there and the Three Adepts left the centre very disappointed! So much for the martial arts schools and their top students!

What is Shamballa?

Just before the next phase of Operation Karmalight took place some interesting things happened at the Los Angeles Headquarters of The Aetherius Society. The close helpers of Doctor King were having a pleasant social gathering one evening. Sometime during the session Doctor King walked in the room with a serious face. There was silence immediately. Doctor King turned round to Charles Abrahamson and asked him what he knew about Shamballa. Charles was surprised that he was asked that question because he felt he did not know much about it. Then turn by turn Doctor King asked each one the same question.

At the end of that bizarre questioning, Doctor King roared out with loud laughter saying that he had never heard such rubbish waffle in his life! Apparently, a probe had appeared in the headquarters which Doctor King realised had come from some lower astral level. It wanted to find out what was going on at the headquarters. It was probing about Shamballa. Doctor King then employed his own strategy by appearing to be the ignorant fool and walking over to the more enlightened crowd gathered together in the dining room. When the probe discovered that not much was known about Shamballa by the crowd there it cleared off back to its source in a hurry.

The Supersonics

Soon after Operation Karmalight had begun, through necessity, many of the normal activities going on at the Los Angeles headquarters were curtailed. This in turn meant that the staff had a little more spare time. That too was a clever ploy by Doctor King to divert attention from the probing eyes from the lower astrals. There were a number of musicians at the headquarters who with a little bit of practice improved their skills. It was not long before a band was formed and the merry men played music for hours coupled with laughter and fun. Many afternoons were thus passed away in innocence from the probing eyes of the evil entities from hell. The music also provided relaxation from the awful tension that existed at the headquarters. In this happy band Doctor King played the maracas and was thus a fully fledged member of the team. They called themselves ‘The Supersonics’.

Years later the Supersonics played at many social functions in London. On one occasion they were offered a job but declined saying they were not a commercial band.

As Doctor King had spent many-a-years as a young boy on farms in England he was fond of animals. As another diversion during Operation Karmalight he acquired two young chimps to keep him company. In his usual enthusiasm he decided that he would teach his little friends to have afternoon tea in English style! Naturally tea with cups and saucers! Many weeks of patient training and practice ensued. When finally Doctor King was confident that the two chimps would have tea properly in cups and saucers he invited his audience. Much to his dismay everything turned into a total fiasco! The chimps threw the cups and saucers about and were in no mood to behave themselves. The attenders retired in utter silence with no words spoken!

Doctor King had a fish tank in his small office . One day he looked at the tiny fish in the tank and they were motionless. He was quite annoyed looking at the tiny creatures who were doing nothing except just stay suspended in the water. That was not good enough for him. He took a stick and swirled the water in the tank violently for several minutes. He said to the fish: “Move! Don’t you know who I am!

It is said that the fish were in constant motion thereafter!

9.15 Phase 15 : Put The Home Fires Out – 8th July 1968

Phase 15 of the vital mission Operation Karmalight was successfully performed between 10.10 pm and 11.43 pm on July 8th, 1968. This was the longest phase in any special mission, lasting 93 minutes and 39 seconds.

The Five Adepts specially chose this time – as it coincided almost exactly with the anniversary and time of the Primary Initiation of Earth – to spring a trap which they knew was laid for them by the higher echelons of the lower astral kingdom. Their decision to do this and the strategy they employed was wholly successful as a great victory for the forces of light was achieved in the terrible mission to save humanity from devilish enslavement.
This phase was filled with rapid action from start to finish. The Five Adepts were engaged in combat on three fronts at the same time. Having everything well lined up on their lower astral targets, they had to change their tactics when the Shamballa Annex was attacked by remotely controlled thermo-nuclear missiles which exploded against the screens of this vessel, causing a tremendous release of deadly radiation on a high level of existence. No sooner had they made arrangements to defend the Shamballa Annex when at 11.03 pm exactly, the most terrible thing happened.

For the first time in over 18 million years, intelligences on this Earth – from the lower astral realms – launched a thermo-nuclear missile attack on the totally unarmed Shamballa itself. Shamballa is a floating spacecraft which was put into orbit of this Earth over 18 million years ago after man had destroyed his home planet known as Maldek which made an orbit between the planets Mars and Jupiter. Shamballa is often referred to as a temple, which it is. Before the destruction of Maldek, the lord of Venus, the Holy Sanat Kumara, took residence in this temple. The presence of Holy Sanat Kumara enabled man to retain his self consciousness which allowed him to say : “I am”. In 1956 the Holy Sanat Kumara vacated this position which is now occupied by the Lord Buddha.

Shamballa, the spiritual citadel was protected by a force screen, but the attack on it had its repercussions throughout the solar system. Special equipment was immediately dispatched to the Adepts for the direct protection of Shamballa and they executed their task with sheer plu-perfection. A few minutes after the attack on Shamballa was launched by the denizens from the hells, it was completely quashed by the Adepts.

As though this were not enough, Adepts Number 1, 2 and 3 went back into the lower astral realms and destroyed their pre-determined target with little or no loss of life to any astral realm entities. While this was going on, Adept number 4 and 5 – operating the Shamballa Annex – collected together the gigantic pockets of radiation caused by the bombardment of the Annex and Shamballa itself, by remotely controlled hydrogen bombs, and nullifying the huge radio-active clouds. The Adepts were allowed to retain the special equipment by permission of the higher forces in case another attack was launched against the Holy Temple.

For the denizens of the lower astral realms to attack the Five Adepts was one thing; the Adepts expected this. But for any entity on or connected with this Earth to attack Shamballa was something else. The Adepts soon proved to the attackers how utterly futile their attempts were. The ruthless, diabolical enemy having failed in their attack on the Shamballa Annex, launched an attack directly at Shamballa itself. Their intention was either to destroy this completely unarmed temple, or to make an assessment of the weaponry which would be used in its defence. The attack was stopped so quickly that even the diabolical minds which engineered it must have reeled from the total defeat in their action. They pushed Karma a little too far, and it hit back hard – Five times harder than they had expected.

Of interest in this phase was the tiny involvement of some notable figures from history who are resident in the higher mental realms, such as Sir Oliver Lodge and Albert Einstein.
Another series of brilliant manoeuvres were performed for humanity by individuals who were filled with true spiritual courage, not man’s idea of it.

9.16 Phase 16 : Exploration – 2nd August 1968

Phase 16 of the vital mission – Operation Karmalight – took place between 10.43 pm and 11.30 pm on August 2nd 1968. The transmission lasted for 47 minutes and 35 seconds. Although this phase was officially designated by the Master Aetherius as: “Unsuccessful”, nevertheless none of the Five Adepts were injured during this action. Phase 16 was unique, inasmuch as it was the first phase till then where the pre-determinations of the Five Adepts were so seriously hindered as to cause them to abort their pre-conceived plans.

Many members of The Aetherius Society wrote to Doctor King what more they could do to help in Operation Karmalight as they felt so inadequate in what they were doing. Different suggestions had been put forward for his consideration. On the whole he rejected those proposals. He maintained that even though there were completely spiritually dedicated people in the society, their prayers would not be sufficient to appreciably change the Karma of the world to such an extent that the Five Adepts could be granted more sophisticated equipment and have access to greater usable energy. If millions of people could come together forming a 24–hour prayer circle in shifts so that, at any time several million people were praying together, that would alter the Karma of the human race to allow the Adepts far greater freedom to act. Nonetheless, the prayers from the tiny portion of humanity for Operation Karmalight was tremendously helpful towards its success.

9.17 Phase 17 : Emergency – 9th August 1968

Phase 17 of Operation Karmalight was performed between 9.43 pm and 10.34 pm on August 9th, 1968. Unlike Phase 16 which was officially classified as “Unsuccessful”, Phase 17 was a blazing success. It was possible that definite strides towards the ultimate outcome of the operation itself were made by the Five Adepts. They performed their role in this mission in a brilliant manner. Phase 17 was a blazing success for the mighty Five. Another link had been forged in the chain of spiritual salvation which would help the human race greatly in the future.

Section of The Great White Brotherhood Attacked

Adept Number Two had made an appeal to the higher forces for extra energy to be released to the human race because of the depreciation of the political situation of the world as a whole. His appeal was granted. (For example, in Chekoslavakia the Russian tanks had moved in to suppress a political uprising that was taking place). On August 23rd, 1968 the Five Adepts projected from their bodies and took up specific positions and a screen was put around them which would allow the in-flow of energies from a spacecraft in orbit of Earth referred to as Satellite Number 3 but would not allow these energies to leave. A tremendous amount of spiritual energy was put into this power cone formed by the Five Adepts. At the exact time the screen was taken down instantly allowing a wave of brilliant, scintillating spiritual light sweep like a mighty flood across the surface of the world.
It was then that an insidious complication came to light. It was noted that a great interference was taking place which originated from a position on Earth. The Five Adepts were dispatched to investigate and soon discovered strong opposition. A tremendous combat took place between the Five Adepts and crack forces from the lower astral realms. Afterwards the Adepts evacuated all personnel and sealed off the area. It turned out to be Section Number Two of The Great White Brotherhood which was being attacked by most powerful, fully trained forces from the lower astral realms. They had their greedy, desiring eyes on the energy in the batteries which were housed in this retreat which could be “bled off” and used for their own purposes.

Although a section of The Great White Brotherhood was closed down – the lower astral commandos were forced back empty handed. Nevertheless, another light went out in the world.

It is true to say that there is no difference between what may be termed – spiritual energy and other energies. It is the use energy is put to which makes it either detrimental or beneficial to humanity as a whole. The universal life force referred to as “Prana” conditioned in one way results in deadly gamma rays. Prana, conditioned in another way results in subtle energies upon which man is dependent for life. All energy comes from one divine creative source and no man, or even Master, has actually made any energy from a vacuum. All that man or Master can do is to blend together existing energies in order to create those things he wishes to build. This is a truth that humanity will discover more and more as it delves into the so-called mysteries of the unknown.

Although the energies stored in the batteries in the Great White Brotherhood Retreat which was attacked, were of such high vibratory nature as to be classed as truly Holy Spiritual energies, nevertheless in other hands than those of the Great White Brotherhood, this self same energy potential could be used for diabolical purposes in the wrong hands. The energy in a storage battery is in a quiescent state. If this energy is tapped, its vibration can be altered in such a way as to be extremely detrimental. After all this is done in the atom bomb. Radio-activity is an essential aspect of total existence and an essential building and “holding energies” of creation. But when the tiny batteries, namely the atoms, are broken into and this energy released in an uncontrolled manner a weapon of mass destruction emerges which is deadly to all life.

9.18 Phase 18 : The Great White Brotherhood is Taught a Lesson – 2nd September 1968

It was not by chance but by design that the petitions of Number Two were agreed upon at exactly that time on August 23rd, when the transmission was given. Certain powers that be must have foreseen that this unprovoked attack would be made with the objective of gaining the energy batteries lodged in a relatively unprotected Retreat. So plu-perfect was the timing that the Five Adepts were on hand and were able to foil the attempt. Although the Great White Brotherhood Retreat was closed down – the lower astral commandos were forced back empty handed.

Even though the Five Adepts managed to save the personnel and evacuate them from the Retreat, they were nevertheless very dissatisfied with the situation inasmuch as an important light for humanity was extinguished. However, they did not just sit down mourning this loss – but formulated what was to turn out to be a very daring plan indeed.
Like and dislike did not count – it was what had to be done that counted. A living proof of this were the Adepts who had demonstrated time and again that it is not their likes or dislikes which counted, but the survival of the human race. The plan conceived by Adept Number One, was certainly disliked by all of them, especially Number One – probably because he had conceived it. Nevertheless, it had to be put into operation. The happenings on August 23rd, 1968 could not be allowed to occur again on this Earth. Thus it was at 8.35 pm on September 2nd, 1968, that the Five Adepts projected into a certain part of this Earth. Number One, Two and Three requesting immediate audience with no other than the Lord Babaji Himself.

Number One discussed his plan with the Lord Babaji and the reasons for it. The Lord Babaji – Who Himself had gained experience in different theatres of active operation in other parts of this Galaxy, previous to His volunteering to hold the Light for Earth – could see the wisdom of this plan and could also see that the petition of the Adepts would be pushed to the limit of their Karmic permission to do so. Babaji agreed and the Adepts went into action. The result of that action has taught the Great Whit Brotherhood a lesson which it will never forget.

It must be remembered that the Masters in the spiritual Hierarchy had to adopt a traditional thought in order to hold the Light for humanity. This traditional thought had to be utterly pacifistic in nature, so that the thought itself was a reactory principle to the average thought of humanity. In the past centuries this may have been good enough, but not then, not in the days of Karmalight – not in the days of Armageddon.

The Adepts entered the strongest Great White Brotherhood Section and without hurting anyone, rendered the Masters, male and female alike unconscious. Then they took photographs of the most powerful Spiritual batteries held in the Retreat to display their knowledge of the basic wiring system of those batteries. They even caused minor explosions which would prove to the Great White Brotherhood beyond any doubt that had they been belligerent lower astral entities they could have escaped with a set of the most powerful batteries held by the Spiritual Hierarchy at that time.

The unconsciousness they rendered lasted only a short time. Upon regaining their full faculties, Leaders of the centre could see immediately that they had to adopt completely new measures in the light of the possible rise of the lower astral entities. It should be stated that some “feathers on the dove were ruffled” but as far as the Adepts and the Lord Babaji were concerned, it was better to have “ruffled feathers” in safety than “smooth feathers” with a lower astral axe hanging poised above them ready to begin its devastating downward sweep at any hour of the day or night. The prize would be a tremendous energy potential which, in the wrong hands, would be used not only against the Five Adepts in their pursuance of their Karmic assignment, but also against the Great Whit Brotherhood itself. The great danger was that whosoever gained control of the Great White Brotherhood then gained control of all intelligences on this Earth.

Not satisfied to give but one lesson, Adept Number Four and Five made “photographic attacks” on another section of the Great White Brotherhood. This illustrated to them beyond any shadow of doubt that not only could they enter the supposedly adequate protective screens but also they could have tapped the energy from their batteries and even completely demolished the Retreat itself had they wished to.

The lesson went home – all the way home!

Hardly had the Adepts given this demonstration then the Lord Babaji himself came to inform them that he had opened up the Section Number Two which had previously been closed down. He invited Adepts Number Four and Five to give their opinion as to the protection of all centres of the GWB on Earth. It was then that the Adepts approached the Lord himself to take complete active control over all sections of the GWB. Lord Babaji agreed.

Although the Lord Babaji was the Spiritual head of the terrestrial Hierarchy working as he did under the advice of the Masters from Shamballa, but at the same time he acted more in an advisory capacity to the GWB. From then on he would take a more active part and become not only an advisor, but to some extent, a controller as well. The GWB accepted that move with open arms, only too willing to be of what use they were allowed by Karmic law to be in those perilous days of the greatest clash between good and evil that humanity had ever seen upon Earth. The GWB reacted in a way that was expected of them in face of a lesson which they recognised was an essential part of their experience.

Since that time they worked day and night to produce a situation which was very different from that which existed on August 23rd and September 2nd 1968. A complete re-design had been effected for the protection of essential energy batteries. Under the help and guidance from the Adepts more powerful protective screens were put around every Retreat. “Fail-safe” measures were incorporated so that if any entity, alien to the Retreat, should enter the battery chambers, the energy from those batteries would be automatically conveyed to batteries in other Retreats a considerable distance away from the one entered.

From then on the situation was very different. Before any lower astral commando unit could enter any GWB Retreat without first gaining permission from all the Masters in that Retreat or the Lord Babaji Himself, they would have to break through tremendously powerful screens which would need great energy to break down. Even if they managed to break down the screens, they would find that all the energy from the batteries were drained. Therefore, in order to steal energy from the GWB storehouse, any attacking force would have to take over all sections of the GWB at the same time. Not even the devil himself would attempt that because it would take too much energy to accomplish and dissipate forces over a wide area because they would be concerned with several very powerful targets at one time and the cost in energy would be so great as to cripple any lower astral force going against such objectives.

The Five adepts were faced with a critical situation. Number One knew what had to be done. He did not like the idea of proving his point by demonstration. But he felt that it was the quickest and surest way to do so. The Adepts were very busy men. They could not spend weeks in discussion, so therefore, the quickest way out of the situation was a demonstration. Like did not count. Dislike did not count. It was what had to be done which counted and they did it. The result was that the position of the G.W.B. was stronger than it had ever been in the history of humanity on Earth.

That their move was in all ways correct was proved to their satisfaction and to the satisfaction of every Master on Earth and the Master Babaji himself who stated these words to Adept Number One and his Companions :
“Number One, I owe you more than I owe any man upon Earth. Make sure that I repay this to you.
“Another word now. Those who have turned against you, may God protect them from the suffering of their remorse.
“May you Five be blessed by the infinite spirit of all greatness”.
With that great blessing from the magnificent Master Babaji himself, Phase No. 18 of the fateful Mission, Operation Karmalight, was brought to an end.

A lesson had been devised.
A lesson had been taught.
A lesson had been learnt.
With the result that the Spiritual Hierarchy on Earth then stood more united and more protected and stronger than ever before.

It is a strange thing is it not that a thought appears in your mind that has no tangible meaning or substance at the time. It is a distant concept which nevertheless leaves a mark in our character and mind. When I heard what had happened in Phase 18 of Operation Karmalight instinctively the whole of that drama came to life. I had known as a young boy that something like that was to take place on Earth at sometime in the future. At the time I had absolutely no idea what it meant. It would appear that events of the future had etched into the mind-belt and somehow I had gained a minute aspect of it.  Life indeed is full of surprises and mystery for those who have an open mind.


Fig 9 : The Lord of the Earth – The Master Babaji who entered in the latter stages of Operation Karmalight and was designated Adept Nixies Zero Zero Six. After Phase 18 of Karmalight He took over control of The Great White Brotherhood in a more direct way. Under his guidance The Great White Brotherhood is better protected and more effective than it has ever been before. This ageless Master has appeared as a young person in his mid 30’s throughout the centuries.

9.19 Phase 19 : It Takes Six Good Men to Pull 3 Deadly Teeth – 18th October 1968

Doctor George King was in a room with one of his close helpers from England – Ray Nielsen. There was anxiety in the air as if something significant was about to happen. As there was a piano in the room, Ray was prompted to sit down on a stool and start playing a quiet melodious tune. He felt that Doctor King needed some inspiring atmosphere. As the tune played on, Doctor King moved behind Ray so that he was out of his sight. Ray played the piano in his usual enthusiastic manner not aware of what was happening behind him.
After sometime Ray wondered where Doctor King had gone and looked behind him. The Master was sitting on the floor cross-legged and eyes closed and absolutely still. He had gone into trance! Ray was horrified to see this awesome sight of the Master in trance. He appeared huge like a giant and almost terrifying. Ray, immediately turned his head round towards the piano and knew instinctively that he had to continue to play the tune with even greater fervour than before. Certain inspiration was required in the amazing drama that was unfolding in that otherwise humble surrounding. As time rolled on the atmosphere became more acute and electric.

After sometime Ray heard some noise behind him and knew that Doctor King had come out of his trance condition and struggling to get back on his feet. Ray stopped playing the piano and moved to help Doctor King to sit down on a chair that was there. After Doctor King had regained his stance he told very briefly Ray that he had projected and sought an audience with no other than the illustrious Master Babaji himself. The reason for the meeting was to discuss his plans to overcome a major crisis that existed in the lower astral realms which would form the next phase of Operation Karmalight. The Master Babaji was in agreement with Doctor George King’s plans to solve the problem that had come to light in the mission of the Adepts.

Ray Nielsen felt extremely privileged and honoured that he had been involved in a minute way in Phase 19 of Operation Karmalight.

Phase Number 19 of Operation Karmalight was performed between 9.50 pm and 10.35 pm on October 18th , 1968.

It was night time. The target was a secluded centre which housed three large containers with deadly bacteria which depended on atomic energy for its survival. The more atomic energy that was fed to the bacteria the stronger it became. The problem that the Adepts faced was how to combat this serious danger as these canisters could be deployed by the lower astrals against the Adepts or to try and foil any attempts being made against them. It was for that reason that Number One had projected to consult the Master Babaji with regards to destroying the bacteria.

By this time the Master Babaji had joined the active team of the Five Adepts and entered in direct action with the Adepts. The Five Adepts had now formed into a team of Six Adepts. Phase Number 19 was a fairly quiet mission which required delicate action on part of the Adepts. The target was lightly manned and the control room had two or three operators who were just relaxing as there was very little to do. The Adepts had to freeze the controls so that the dials on the different gauges would not move if any alteration was carried out to the internal contents of the three canisters. Once this was done the Adepts very cleverly started to pump large but controlled amount of atomic radiation into the canisters. The idea was merely to keep feeding the bacteria with essential food until they grew and grew and then finally died!

After all the bacteria in the three canisters were killed off completely and checked and re-checked that everything was clear did the Six Adepts leave the target and move back to safety. It would take sometime before the controllers of the site would realise that the bacteria was dead and the canisters were totally useless for any use in any future combat.
Thus was Phase 19 of Operation Karmalight described as miraculous.

By this time we were approaching the latter stages of the dangerous Mission of the Six Adepts. The atmosphere all round was one of anxiety, worry, depression and a dark black cloud which loomed above. At a personal level things had come to a head. It was difficult to think clearly. Although there was talk of the mission finishing in the very near future it was still a dream far away. One night in the early hours of the morning I was fast asleep when slowly some type of large dark hands appeared and the palms wrapped around my throat. In due course the palms began to squeeze and I could not breathe. This went on for sometime and I was still partially asleep and realised that I was going to die. I tried to move out of the grips of those hands but without any success. The struggle went on for quite some time.

After what appeared like eternity some entity entered the room I was sleeping in and pulled those arms and flung them out asunder. I was alive, I could breathe again and a mighty sigh of relief came over me. I was wide awake then. I had a very strong impression that the helping entity was no other than Doctor George King himself. Whether it was him I shall never know but I felt that I had been saved from definite death.

For those who might think that the above experience was bizarre and something just dreamt up let me site a true incident which occurred at the American Headquarters many years later after Operation Karmalight had been completed.

One morning Doctor George King was having his usual breakfast with other staff in the dining room. One of the staff members started telling about this terrible dream he had the previous night when he ended up in an awful place and he was being attacked. Much to the amazement of everybody another staff member took over the tale and said that he too was in the same place and his life too was in danger. The corroboration of the environment and chain of events which occurred from the two were uncanny. After they had finished Doctor George King told the crowd, in no uncertain terms, that had he not intervened and fought off the black magicians that night there would have been two dead bodies at the American Headquarters that morning! One of the staff in question was Alan Moseley who was originally from England and a very good friend of mine. The following year the two of us had very similar experience of a different nature following a lecture that Doctor George King gave in London.

9.20 Phase 20 : The Probe – 6th November 1968

On Wednesday, November 6th, 1968, between 4.52 pm and 6.12 pm, the Six Adepts, in a display of skill, bravery and endurance, brought Phase 20 of Operation Karmalight from the darkness of the lower astral realms into the brilliant light of Spiritual success.
The action began with Nixies Zero Zero Six, the Master Babaji, who had entered the field of active operation in Karmalight joining the elite team of the Five Adepts. The Master Babaji had projected into one of the levels of the lower astral realms. He traveled through a beautiful green valley to a destination that he had determined. He began his search looking for something that he had been seeking for over 4000 years. Such was the infinite patience of this great Master.

Whilst that was going on the Five Adepts in two different space crafts had entered another theatre of operation. They were over a very large harbour area where naval ships were anchored. The damaged aircraft carrier which was involved in the early stages of Operation Karmalight was anchored in this harbour for extensive repairs which were required. Much to the satisfaction of the captain and crew the carrier was fitted out and ready to go into action once more. Thus there was a lot of activity both on the ship and harbour to get it out into the open waters.

The Three Adepts in their craft launched series of attacks not so much on the carrier itself but in the surroundings to cause confusion and panic on the ground. The gunners both on the ship and shore were annoyed that a strange craft had appeared from nowhere and causing problems just as they were ready to depart to go into action. Whilst that was going on Adepts Number Four and Five in another craft carried out further attacks somewhere else.

As these attacks continued panic set in among the sailors and soldiers on ground. They knew that they had to abandon ship and get out of the area if they were to avoid being annihilated by the fierce attacks going on all around them. The carrier itself was beginning to bank causing some of the aircraft to slide off the deck and sink and disappear into the water. There was still a lot of fighting capacity and capability left in the vessel but the crew were leaving it at high speed. Adepts Number Four and Five in their craft went under water and using the Nirron Projectors which had been provided to them for use in the Mission, cut the bottom of the aircraft carrier’s hull. Before long the carrier began to sink and disappeared to the bottom of the sea. The fighting vessel was no more.

Adept Number Six had now entered the main theatre of operation in and around the harbour area. To cause even greater confusion and panic Adept Number One and Six generated by thought a huge fleet of different types of aircraft flying in the air heading towards some definite target. To keep the whole drama into activation required a tremendous amount of absolutely controlled thought energy to be focused but the two of them succeeded in achieving their goal as nobody suspected that there were no real aircraft about in the air at all. The mirage was convincing enough to cause real panic in the camp with the result that the naval base had lost its direction and strength through fear and panic.

Satisfied that the aircraft carrier was finally and permanently out of commission for any future action by the lower astrals, the Six Adepts left the troubled site and projected back to their normal abode. Adept Number One, Two and Three to their mundane surroundings with their physical and mental bodies in torment and ache beyond anything that normal humans could imagine.

Armageddon was there, but the Karmic Lords had not left man alone to face what would have been complete defeat for him. No, in their compassion and with great foresight, they gave man Five Beings from another world to stand between him and his worst enemies in these most vital days in his existence upon Earth.

On a lighter note, elaborate plans were being drawn up by the directors in consultation with Doctor King, to mark the successful end of Operation Karmalight. Although the mission was far from over it was felt that it was nearing the end and a successful completion was anticipated. Doctor King maintained that following the end of other important tasks that had been performed in the past no major celebrations had been arranged which he thought was short-sighted and incorrect. After much discussion a four week programme of spiritual activities and social events and gatherings was arranged that would be held throughout the society.

There was another important matter that Doctor King dwelt upon regarding the future. He said that following the end of World War II, the nations whose victorious armed forces had defeated Germany and Japan in the military conflict, actually lost far more than they had gained. That was particularly true of Great Britain, France and China – all of whom suffered economic privation and upheaval as well as generally reduced standard of living. The United States of America had been involved, almost constantly ever since, in one costly war after another with consequent economic tension and instability as part of its “prize” as a victor. On the other hand, both Japan and Germany had been helped by the victors to build their countries and economies to a standard they had never enjoyed previously in their entire history.

Doctor King pointed out that with victory comes responsibility. That a final victory in Operation Karmalight would mean additional responsibility for all those working for peace and stability on Earth. Unless that responsibility was met by all then it was possible that the peace which the Adepts had fought so hard, so long and so dangerously in Operation Karmalight could still be lost.

9.21 Phase 21 : The She Devil – 2nd December 1968

Phase number 21 of Operation Karmalight was successfully performed by the Six Adepts on December 2nd, 1968, between 9.37 pm and 10.47 pm, lasting 70 minutes and 3 seconds.

It was evening time. A very large and prestigious hall in a lower realm was full of well- dressed people who were dancing and enjoying themselves to music that was being played by a band. Near the bar two or three men were in conversation and occasionally making noise to add to the already fairly rowdy party atmosphere that pervaded. A very tall handsome man sat at a table drinking and talking to colleagues who sat with him. There was some hushed silence in the room depicting that the principal guest of the evening had arrived and would be entering the hall. Two very large automobiles had brought the party to that destination.

A very beautiful woman all dressed in colourful garments rarely ever seen before entered the hall followed by her bodyguards behind her. Her presence was breath-taking as everybody present looked at her in awe! She walked across the floor and sat down at her special table. The huskies sat a little away from her so she was on her own. Before long she was served drinks and soon after began to relax and look around to see who was there.
After sometime, the fine lady’s gaze was drawn towards the tall handsome figure sitting across the hall on the other side. Eventually their eyes met and some kind of transfer of attraction took place. They felt that they had to get together. The tall figure stood up gently and walked towards where she was sitting. As he approached closer the huskies rose from their chairs to intercept and stop the intruder from getting any closer to their prized possession. The lady motioned her bodyguards to calm down and not intervene in what was going on. Reluctantly they sat down and resigned to their previous straight faced postures!

The tall figure approached the lady and asked if she would care to dance with him. She accepted the offer and the two of them stepped on to the floor and began to dance quite gracefully. As time went by their attraction for each other grew and they wanted to be closer and closer together. By then the huskies were getting restless with this charade of passion that was building between their prized lady and that stranger they knew nothing about. As time went by there was merriment in the air and everybody was in high spirit and having very good time. The music played on. Eventually the lady and the tall figure decided to leave the party and head for home. The two of them got into one of the large automobile and the huskies in the other. The vehicles drove away from the scene. The gentlemen at the bar also departed soon after the other party had left the hall.

The tall figure, who was no other than Adept Number Three, grabbed hold of his passionate companion – the lady and the two of them projected straight out of the vehicle and were picked up by a spacecraft and immediately transported away from the danger area. The Adepts could not believe that it had been that easy to catch another aspect of the devil himself. The most priced lady that the Adepts had just snatched away from the lower astral realms was no other than the second aspect of the devil who had disguised himself in the form of a beautiful woman.

Thus was the fate of the she devil brought to an abrupt end by the most cunning plot devised by the Five Adepts completing yet another vital phase in the mission to save humanity from total slavery by the darkest forces of evil on this Planet.

9.22 Phase 22 : Plot and Counter-plot – 5th December 1968

Following on from completion of Phase 21, three days later Phase 22 of Operation Karmalight was performed on December 5th , 1968 between 10.11 pm and 11.25 pm, lasing 74 minutes, 15 seconds.

A very large, well equipped, fully armed spacecraft with full crew aboard took off from a base in the lower astral realms. Its objective was to attack certain sector of the lower realms still holding out against the might of satan and his ultimate plans to take over the whole of the lower astral realms. The captain of the craft was a very famous and experienced pilot finally on his way to complete an important mission. As the craft was proceeding towards its objective a smaller craft intercepted it to engage in space combat.
A phenomenal battle ensued with most of the projectiles impacting against the force screens of the two vessels. The smaller Adepts craft was moving in and out of the way of the larger craft at great speeds thereby causing frustration and real annoyance to the captain and his crew. The Adepts did not want to destroy the larger craft at any cost as they had different plans for it altogether. Whilst that was going on the captain’s original plans to head to his target were dropped. Eventually the larger craft had to turn back and head for home. The battle was over.

The craft landed at its base and the crew evacuated. As the captain and some of his crew members walked towards an out-building, the Adepts showed up and Number Three, once more grabbed hold of the captain and instantly the team projected out of the area of danger zone. The captain was yet another very significant catch for the Adepts. Indeed he was no other than aspect number three of satan himself.

Thus, Phase Number 22 marked a very significant victory for the forces of light as the third aspect of satan was captured and transmuted. There was only one last remaining aspect of the devil then left before Armageddon was finally completed, or at least the main aspect of it.

9.23 Phase 23 : The Temple of Sacrifice – 16th January 1969

As the Phases of Operation Karmalight were proceeding, the Adepts knew that a vile, sadistic human sacrifice was to take place. They waited patiently. Performing the other complex missions but always keeping an eye on that very remote horror chamber of human sacrifice on the lower realms. The Adepts knew that sooner or later, 12 of the most skilled black magicians would take to that chamber of sacrifice 13 young girls. Each one of those girls would suffer one of the 13 cruel deaths. The energy accumulated during their terrible suffering could be directed to a certain aspect of the lower devic kingdoms so that the Devas in turn would have to accept and manipulate that power. The devic kingdom can only work according to the energy it receives either from the physical or the psycho-physical planes of existence. Adept Number One was waiting his opportunity – the exact moment – as well as planning the other moves in Operation Karmalight. Under no account must that vile human sacrifice be allowed to take place. For, had that awful rite been allowed to succeed, then the Devas would have to manipulate that energy as they work strictly according to primeval laws.

The Adepts waited and watched. They went on with their mission but still they watched. And then, intelligence told them that the rite was to take place on January 16th, 1969. They were revolted and almost made sick to the pit of their stomachs. But they went in, definitely and without hesitation.

On January 16th, 1969, between 8.25 pm and 9.09 pm, Phase 23 of Operation Karmalight was successfully executed by the Five Adepts with the direct help of the Master Babaji. In fact so successful was that sortie that it changed the future history of the world!

It was night time in the cold desert. In the silhouette a large solitary building in the shape of a temple appeared in the night sky. The security guards around it stood motionless like statuettes but alert for any intrusion that might come.

Inside the temple there was movement but controlled as proceedings went on at a slow and deliberate pace. One by one the 13 young beautiful virgins who were all asleep as they had been previously drugged were brought into the main chamber. Thirteen, what looked like beds, lay in a straight row for the young girls to lie on. One by one they were brought into the chamber and laid on the beds. The chamber was then cleared of all personnel.
Following that the wait began for the prominent black magicians to arrive. After a while all 12 of the magicians appeared in the chamber. They busied themselves with their vile concoctions of bones and trinkets which they carried to prepare for their ceremony. They were all still waiting for the master of ceremony, the top black magician to arrive. His arrival was fairly long overdue so the magicians were a little apprehensive and uncertain as to what to do. The magician who was in charge decided that the horrific rite should commence.

The proceedings going on in the chamber of horror was carefully watched by the Adepts. At the exact moment the Five Adepts materialised into the chamber and one by one in a quick flash transmuted all the 12 black magicians. Whilst that went on the Master Babaji, Adept Nixies Zero Zero Six picked each one of the young girls and released them from that prison and moved them to safety onto a higher plane of existence before the sadistic murderous ritual could take place.

The action did not stop there. Determined to wipe out that chamber of sacrifice from the face of the Earth another strange event manifested. Slowly, the whole structure of the temple began to crumble and before long all that remained was a mound of sand and no more. No trace that the building had ever existed remained.

Phase 23 of Operation Karmalight was highly significant because the 12 black magicians who were transmuted in the action were no other than the 12 black magicians who ruled the lower astral realms. No wonder the whole course of man’s history on this planet had been changed forever. Had the thirteenth black magician been present then Operation Karmalight would have ended on that day. It appeared that the last remaining aspect of satan had suspected that there was some problem ahead and decided not to attend the sadistic human sacrifice ceremony taking place in that temple.

At the same time that this action was happening, the whole aspect of Operation Karmalight had to be planned so that it would end in the way that it did. Adept Number One, chief strategist had worked out even before Phase 23 the end of the mission. However, a spiritual bombshell appeared out of the blue! On February 15th, 1969, a Master from Saturn declared, between the hours of 8.22 pm and 8.39 pm that Operation Karmalight had to be completed prior to March 19th in order to gain full Karmic significance.

The greatest thanks had to go to Adept Number One who had the difficult task of working out the whole strategy of Operation Karmalight. With the date set for the completion of the Mission the Adepts had their backs against the wall. Number One had the responsibility of either altering his existing plans in order to flush out the devil, who was in hiding, or to hold on to his existing strategy in the hope that it would bear fruit – prior to March 19th.

He must have had sleepless nights – cold sweat pouring from the brow. He must have repeated a thousand times to himself that he dare not be wrong in his decision. He must have let his mind travel to helpless humanity and wrung his arms in desperation if he was wrong. He knew that he was alone – absolutely alone in that decision. The others had already given their opinion so the final decision was his and his alone. These and a million more thoughts must have rushed through the brain of this frail individual who knew that a world was at stake and tottering on the brink of his right decision. He thought it out – he meditated, not on another strategy, but on improving his first one. He did improve it, very greatly – and that he was right!

9.24 Phase 24 : To Catch A Devil – 24th February 1969

On February 24th, 1969, between 9.30 pm and 10.27 pm, in that significant 57 minutes, 28 seconds, Adept Number One proved himself supreme strategist of this Earth. He decided to stick to his original formulations, and as a result, the devil, “satan”, “beelzebub”, the most evil of the most evil in the lower astral realms was transmuted.

The location of the hiding place of the last remaining aspect of the devil had already been established by the Adepts with great assistance from Adept Number Six – the lord Babaji himself. It was then a matter of getting the devil out of his environment in the open to commence the final face to face battle between him and the greatest Master on Earth.

Initial manoeuvres by Adept Number One forced the devil out of his protective habitat and he materialised himself in a humanoid form. Just as he did that Adept Nixes Zero Zero Six – The Master Babaji – the Prince of Light and Head of the Spiritual hierarchy of Earth appeared before him and the two antagonists grappled together in mortal combat. It was quick reactions and lightening speeds of thought and actions on both sides that gripped the scene. No sooner had the devil realised that he was being tackled did he change his form into different shapes and sizes.

At one time he formed into a pre-historic animal bellowing foul substance from its mouth. A little while later he turned into a large elephant trying to out-manoeuvre his opponent but without much success. Eventually he turned into a python with horrific features to terrify any man on this Earth but not to much avail. The Master Babaji fought on everything that was thrown against him.

Eventually, as the devil began to lose his strength and prowess he turned again back into his humanoid form. The moment had arrived! The Master Babaji picked off the spinal column of the devil from the base and pulled it completely off from the body to tear him apart. In that action the devil, “satan”, “Beelzebub” was transmuted.

The main aspect of Armageddon was over! Operation Karmalight had been successfully completed by the Might Six Adepts. February 24th 1969 marked the successful completion of the most dangerous mission performed by the Six Adepts to protect humanity from the result of its own wrong thought and action which had fabricated the devil in the first place.

The transmuted aspect of the entity known as “satan” was split into a thousand parts as its consciousness was broken and took on the form of a very large shoal of fish. It will have to work though millions of lives of experience in different forms until it can reform into a human again. Hopefully, in the new form it will not repeat the mistakes of the past.

10.0 Events following the End of Operation Karmalight

A few days after Phase 24 of Operation Karmalight I received a letter from the London headquarters of the Aetherius Society. The letter had arrived in the early post so I did not have time to open and read it before I left home for work. It was a miserable morning with a light drizzle in the air. As I walked to work suddenly I felt deeply sorry for the devil. I said to myself that the Adepts had knocked the hell out of satan. When I reached work I opened the letter and read its contents in disbelief. It stated that Operation Karmalight had been successfully completed by the Six Adepts in the fateful and final Phase 24 of the Mission. Those were the most significant and mighty words that I have ever read in all my life.

I wrote a short note to that effect and passed it on to my friend Edward Prempeh who worked in an adjoining office and he too was over-joyed with the magnificent news. Naturally, neither of us could mention anything about this to anybody else.

Surprisingly enough, I heard from colleagues that there had been an interesting programme on television the previous evening when they were talking about Hebrew literature and mention of satan and beelzebub was made! The following morning in one of the national papers there was a drawing of a foul looking individual lying on his back with the whole world between his knees crushing the planet. It was uncanny and amazingly prophetic!

The weeks following the successful completion of Operation Karmalight were quiet and relaxed. The months of deep worry and concern about the safety of Doctor George King were over. The pressure that had pervaded the previous months had disappeared altogether. My health improved greatly. The constant irritating feeling I had in the centre of my palms had suddenly gone and I was back to normal. The sigh of relief was hard to grasp.

In London, at the society’s premises, a month’s programme of activities and social gathering had been arranged for as many members to attend as possible. One weekend, on a Saturday,  I was travelling on the underground train to Fulham Broadway when a group of youth, for no reason at all, decided to poke fun at me. Some of them starting pulling my hair lightly to try and provoke me. But I knew that I had to keep calm and let the youngsters have a little bit of fun! After all they were not violent in any way. I also realised that some entities from the other levels knowing that I had played a part in Operation Karmalight in helping the Adepts were keen to either kill me or injure as revenge for the damage caused by the forces of light in the lower astral realms of Earth.

As the weeks and months rolled on in the early part of 1969, the damage done to the Aetherius Society began to manifest. Several of the key people who were helping Doctor George King in America resigned from the society. Many long standing committee and staff and ordinary members in England also tendered their resignation. That came as a shock to many of us but that was the price that was paid by the society in what had been achieved in the dangerous mission of the Six Adepts. This was in some ways akin to soldiers coming from combat duties and releasing themselves from further duties by taking on an easier civilian role as ordinary citizens. It would be true to state that the society lost more members overall during that period than any other period before or after. I would estimate that about one-quarter of the members left the society. For an organisation that was tiny this was a sizable number.

It was obvious that those who worked at the American headquarters were under enormous pressure not much far removed from those who would be in the front line in the battlefield, as for example, during the Second World War. Not that they were in fear of immediate death as were soldiers in battle but the possibility of Doctor George King getting killed and the ramifications that would follow. It was unthinkable. The men and women were more or less on 24 hour standby. Many of them were in ordinary jobs during day time earning their daily keep and at nights and weekends on duty at the headquarters. The situation at the London headquarters, although slightly more relaxed was equally under tremendous pressure. In essence when the Mission finished many members simply broke down mentally and physically under the great pressure that was thrust upon them.

There were a number of interesting events which occurred in my own sphere as the Mission finished. I lived in a modest bed-sitter room on Burton Road in Derby not far from the town centre. There were other half-a-dozen people who lived in that house. One of the gentleman, who occupied a room below mine on the ground floor, was on friendly terms with me. One day in conversation he told me something that was quite fascinating. He said that one morning he had just gone to his work as usual. He worked in a photographic department. As he sat down on his high stool at the table suddenly he lost sight of his immediate environment and found himself in some strange world. A little while later he saw four or five men all dressed in some white robes which hung to their feet. They looked in a passive mood but underneath he could make out that they were extremely strong and solid built men with phenomenal strength. Something told him that these men had been involved in a terrible war and had just completed their battle successfully!

Some time later the world that the gentleman was in faded away slowly and he became aware of his mundane environment. He sat there for a whole hour wondering what had happened. He was in a state of total shock as he had never experienced anything like that in his whole life. In my mind I wondered whether the gentleman had an encounter with the mighty Six Adepts to prove to the world what had just happened.

On another occasion, probably a few weeks after the Mission had been completed, I was happily asleep in my bed. In the early hours of the morning I woke up partially and had an amazing vision which was in vivid colours and with clarity I could never muster even if I tried to create that in my mind’s eye. I saw a number of men all clad in deep blue uniforms carrying out some complex task. It was on some kind of a hill top. The men were erecting what looked like a three-sided pyramid on a base set into the ground of the hill. What staggered me most was the almost God-like movement of the men as they floated about carrying out their different tasks. Something told me that they were the Six Adepts carrying out an important task for the human race. A little later the vision slowly fizzled out and I was in my normal surrounding.

Looking back at that projected experience I am of the strong opinion that the Adepts were engaged upon yet another major undertaking for the benefit of the human race. In the mid 1970’s they embarked on a Mission code-named “Operation Space Magic” which entailed setting up special modules on the Planets Jupiter, Saturn, Venus and Neptune so that high frequency spiritual energy could be relayed from those Planets to Earth to be used in specialised missions being performed by the Aetherius Society.

By May of 1969, Doctor George King had come over from America on a long visit to England. In the early part of the visit he held a special lecture for the society members in a hotel in the west end of London. In his speech he released some inside facts regarding the nature of Operation Karmalight and its significance for the human race in the future. In the talk he displayed his prowess as the Yogi Adept that he invariably was in one of the most brilliant lectures ever delivered to the human race. Sadly very few people had risen to the occasion to listen to that ancient wisdom. He was like a tiger delivering a dynamic oration.

As the talk finished he left the hall through the door that was at the back of the stage as the applause from the attenders continued in appreciation of what had been delivered by him. A little while later he stepped back in the room through the same door that he had left and he positioned himself to bless the audience using the ancient mudra used for such rituals. By then his stature had altered and he appeared enormous. As his out-stretched right arm began to come in my direction where I was sitting at the back of the hall something told me to RUN for my life! It felt as if a ray of powerful energy was going to hit me and put me out of commission and hence the alarm to run for cover. In that instant of time which probably lasted just a second or two I saw a tiny glimpse of the Adept that George King was as Nixes Zero Zero One but very much limited in the physical body that he was occupying. I felt as if that was the beam of energy that satan had felt when he was transmuted in the final stages of Operation Karmalight. It was a terrifying experience and one I will never forget.

As George King’s right arm came in line with my sight a beam of energy entered my whole being as I was almost thrown off my seat. And yet physically there was absolutely nothing there to suggest that anything unusual had taken place. Several years later I was talking about that experience to a good friend of mine – Alan Moseley who too was in that hall sitting a short distance away from where I sat. Surprisingly enough he had exactly the same experience proving that I had not dreamt it all up!

11.0 The Aftermath of Operation Karmalight

Following the successful completion of the main aspect of Operation Karmalight, the Five Adepts were on a loose standby for between five to ten years to keep an eye on the lower astral realms. Their task was to ensure that neither the magicians nor the military gained the upper hand to create a situation similar to that which existed before Karmalight began. This would be achieved by keeping the two sides in balance.

The Adepts knew that there would be a jockeying for position on those realms. The fact that the chief devil had been completely transmuted meant that other power-hungry and sadistic minds would jockey for that position of power. However, the Adepts knew that there was not another intelligence on those realms capable of the thought patterns as was the devil. So, although there may be uprisings occurring on those realms which may affect all people on Earth, the devil had been forever transmuted and would never again be in the ruling position on the lower realms.

The different phases of the Aftermath of Operation Karmalight began sometime after the successful completion of the main aspect of the Mission. These phases occurred over much longer periods of time and were not as dangerous as the previous ones. The Adepts were involved in knocking out the military forces at one time and weakening the magicians at another time. By October of 1975 eleven phases of the Aftermath had been successfully performed by the Adepts. After Phase 11 there were no more phases recorded or even mentioned by Doctor George King.

Three days after Phase 11 had been performed, I together with some other personnel from England were on a visit to the American Headquarters in Los Angeles. On the day we met Doctor George King he decided to give us the 50 cents tour of the headquarters! He looked quite tired. As we stood talking in the yard adjacent to the temple he told us that Phase Eleven of the Aftermath of Operation Karmalight had just been completed and he had suffered severe internal haemorrhage. All of us were deeply saddened as we listened to this great man who had suffered so much on behalf of humanity. And worse still hardly anybody on the Planet knew what he had done.

Realms Populace

Fig 10 : Population estimates on different levels of manifestation on Earth in the 1960’s and 2015. Level minus 4 is probably out of existence now with the completion of Armageddon.

12.0 Parallels with Hollywood Block-Buster – Star Wars

On the whole Doctor George King was not particularly impressed with anything that humans were doing on the Planet. Occasionally, however, if he felt that there was something of some educational value that members ought to look into he would recommend it. When the first Star Wars film came out from Hollywood in 1978 he recommended that all members should go and see it. If necessary several times. He confessed that the plot was silly and the acting poor except for one or two actors. The space-craft were no more than glorified aircraft as we would see on Earth. However, one aspect of the film he thought was worth watching was when the space-craft went into attack at high speed and some of the effects were quite educational. He said that watching such action would give some small concept of what it was like when the Adepts were in action on the lower astral realms. Of course the speeds involved were much greater in real action but getting even a limited impression of what it was like for the Adepts was worth watching. He was all for humanity learning from whatever experience was offered to it instead of whiling away valuable time in useless pursuits.

My personal impression is that it is quite possible that the Adepts may have had some silent input from their own experience. Before the first Star Wars film came out I was really looking forward to it as I am interested in space exploration anyway. When it finally did appear I rushed to see it. It had a certain magic which I had not felt for many other films. At the time I did not know about Doctor George King’s assessment of it. There are a number of fascinating aspects presented in this drama.

In the Star Wars film there is a very good representation of robots and robot technology which is extensively used in the lower astral realms of Earth. Listening to the actual transmissions of the actions of the Adepts it is quite clear that robots are extensively used in almost all operations in those lower worlds. Some of the space-craft and submarines are wholly operated and controlled by the robots. Also the depiction of massive armies of well- trained robotic soldiers are not so far-fetched from the truth lurking in the hells of our Planet.

Another facet which comes out clearly in the Star Wars films is the capability of space-craft and other armed vehicles and important centres of evil to be protected by very powerful electronic screens. These screens can sustain bombardment from laser or atomic rays and any other artillery known on the physical plane of our world. If the total capability of the entire forces involved in the Second World War was thrust for a century against one of these screens it would not even dent it. So again the concept of force screens has been displayed quite accurately in the Star Wars films. This technology has not manifested in our world as yet but will do so as time goes by.

Space-craft capable of traversing faster than the speed of light was displaced clearly in the Star Wars films. According to Doctor George King when Einstein was contacted from the other levels he did admit that he had made a grave error in declaring that the speed of light was the ultimate speed of physical matter. In a way he was very sad that his concepts had been accepted by the scientific community and it had invariably set a limitation on human thought and future development. In George King’s lingo : “Einstein was a fool”.
According to information that has come from higher sources the speed of light is not the ultimate speed at all. The speed of thought through free space is 4 million times the speed of light! The nearest star to our solar system is Alpha Centurion which is 4 light years away. If we were travelling at the speed of light, which is 186,000 miles per second, it would take four years to get there. Travelling at the speed of thought we would reach there in 12 seconds! We are given to understand that there are velocities even beyond the speed of thought. According to Doctor George King our solar system was too small for certain types of space combat. The whole of our thinking needs to be widened to open up new horizons.

The projectors and other armament depicted in the Star Wars films use laser and rays instead of bullets as we are more familiar with. This too is more accurate of the state of technology that exists in the hells as laser and atomic ray devices have been perfected in those worlds.

The concept of the light saber as put over in the Star Wars films is quite interesting. Although such devices may look out of place in a modern world nevertheless there is some deep hidden meaning behind the sword. For example, not in connection with Operation Karmalight, but in another action involving the “Prince”, the Excalaber Sword mentioned in history in connection with King Arthur was pulled out and wielded by this gallant individual. Furthermore, the mention of one force pervading the universe in the Star Wars films is quite accurate. According to Yogic philosophy there is just one energy that exists in creation which is referred to as “Prana” or in English as the “Universal Life Force”. An early transmission given through Doctor George King entitled : “The One Energy” exemplifies the nature of this universal force which is worth studying.

Depending on the kind of action that the Adepts were involved in Operation Karmalight, they did drone on heavy space armour in the form of suits which obviously restricted their movement somewhat but protected them from injury and harm. These suits could sustain pressures running into tonnes which would shatter our physical bodies into dust. At the same time in many actions the Adepts were involved in hand-to-hand combat which meant that they were experts in the Marshall Arts but probably quite different to our concept of this ancient technique.

13.0 Fate of The Aetherius Society in the New Millennia

Following the successful completion of the major aspect of Operation Karmalight in early 1969, Doctor George King embarked in his usual manner on a major programme of development to give The Aetherius Society the necessary tools to help to build the New Age of Peace and Enlightenment. This included the design and implementation of so called “Cosmic Missions’ which would enable the society to balance the negative Karma of humanity to a large extent. Among one of those important tasks code-named ‘Operation Sunbeam’ was designed to give back to the Mother Earth a tiny amount of the spiritual energy debt that mankind owes to Her. Such is the simplicity and nobility of this concept that this Mission became vitally important for the spiritual growth of the human race. The vast manoeuvres that Doctor George King carried out in the ensuing years would fill volumes of text detailing his moves which cannot possibly be covered in a document like this one.

Doctor George King passed away from the physical plane of this Earth on July 12th 1997 at the age of 78. Following his death, sadly the very organisation that he had founded and put all his energy into began to slide down the precipitous slope of indifference and apathy. On a personal level, as I had been a very active member of The Aetherius Society for 47 years, the chain of events that followed in the past ten years are truly devastating. It has taken me quite some time and deep thought to determine what has gone wrong and the following is my assessment.

The master plans of satan have been carefully engineered and manifested by his henchmen in the lower astral realms throughout the centuries. In the last century we saw the clever planting of Hitler who came into power in Germany with his large army of Nazis and youth appearing almost from nowhere. All these individuals were well trained in the art of killing and causing havoc which resulted in the death of 50 million people in the Second World War. This was all vital negative energy that satan desperately needed for his future schemes.

It is my sincere belief that satan might have sensed that there would be opposition from the spiritual element as well as the rise of new spiritual orders. On this plane Doctor George King had received the ‘Command’ in 1954 from the Cosmic sources. It is around that time period that certain well trained devotees and followers of satan were born on to the physical plane principally in England. I will refer to these individuals as the sons of satan.

By the mid 1970’s two of these characters had moved to London after finishing their studies at university. Slowly they became intimately involved with the work going on at The Aetherius Society Headquarters. As the years rolled on they became more aggressive towards others working there especially those who were brighter than them. Many key people left the organisation and went their own way. By the early 1980’s both of these folks had taken over control of the committee as the executive secretary and treasurer and slowly turned the headquarters into a dictatorship. Many attempts were made, even by Doctor George King, to bring some sanity at the headquarters in London but all attempts were foiled by the large group of henchmen who were quite prepared to tell whatever lies were required to protect their leaders. When people began to tell lies to the Master the society was moving into a very dangerous situation.

In a lecture that Doctor George King gave at the American headquarters in 1987 he said that as The Aetherius Society was engaged in important work for the world then interference from outside sources could not be ruled out. However, he said that this time the interference was not so much from outside but from within which was quite a shocking statement. He had already given a clue to possible future events. He even warned the staff of the society that unless they changed their approach it was possible that the Cosmic Masters could stop the Cosmic Missions that the society was performing.

By the early 1990’s the London headquarters was run like a Gestapo camp under total dictatorship of the two sons of satan in cooperation with the large group of unthinking henchmen who carried out their orders. Nobody was allowed to raise any complaints or issues. Soon after Doctor George King passed away in 1997, things began to move with some rapidity and direction none of which had ever been planned, discussed or approved by the founder- president in his life-time. It would be true to say that the ‘Illuminati’ had taken over complete control of the organisation.

In 1982, my wife and I resigned from the staff of The Aetherius Society as we had felt that something was not quite right about conditions in England. Neither of us faired well with the crowd in London especially those at the top. That was probably the best move that we ever made. Being away from London and not so intimately involved we were not aware of the conditions pervading at the London headquarters. However we continued running the Derby group of the society that we had founded in 1972.

In 2006, I requested for a copy of the constitution of The Aetherius Society in Britain. Much to my astonishment I was informed that it did not exist! I made further inquiries but with no avail. The following year a lady member from London brought out a petition for members to sign calling for the resumption of Annual General Meetings which had not been held in England for many years. This simple action was met with total opposition from the directors in London. All those who had put their signatures down on paper had to take them off or they were told that they would be dismissed from membership! My wife and I together with most of the members in Derby signed the petition and refused to remove our names from the list. We were quite prepared to be dismissed from the society. We were begged to change our minds but we refused. After that the Derby group was singled out and we were treated like lepers.

By mid 2009, the Derby group was finally closed down and my wife and I were removed from our positions as organisers. The following year we together with a number of local members took the matter with prominent lawyers in Derby to get some sense out of the crowd in London but again we gained nothing except more frustration and a sense of hopelessness. Even the lawyers admitted that they had never come across people such as those of the society in London!

In March 2012, a new constitution for the society in England was brought out. An EGM was held in London. My wife and I and another eight or so members voted against the new constitution. The following day we resigned from the membership of the Aetherius society.

The new constitution is based on total power given to the directors in England. Its wording would fit hitler’s Nazis Germany or stalin’s communist Russia. It is hard to believe that followers of Doctor George King have sunk so low to support a group of thugs or as the Hindus would term “gundas” forsaking the true principles of truth and fairness as propounded by the founder president – Doctor George King.

Although the battle was won by the Six Adepts in Armageddon the peace has been lost by the stupidity of man! Sadly by the very people who claim to be the followers of those valiant Beings.

The Aetherius Society has now become a cult but continuing under the false pretence of working for world peace. It has survived so far but its time is running out before it disappears into dust.

However Doctor George King’s legacy will continue into the future as his teaching and message has spread throughout the world no matter how insignificant it may be in quantity today.

14.0 Ramifications of success of Armageddon

The implications of the success of Armageddon – Operation Karmalight needs to be made to give people a chance to review the world situation and what lies ahead.

By the mid 1950’s the Three Adepts had begun their cleansing operation in the lower astral realms of Earth. This was the main reason for putting the Agents of Karma in the life cycle of the Planet. This included in 1959 the transmutation of the black magician who was responsible for the death of the Master Jesus two thousand years ago. The battle took place between Adept Number One and the black magician.

In 1965 on another phase of operation by the Adepts an android was discovered in the lower astral realms. On examination it was discovered that the android had been operating on the planet ever since we took residence eighteen million years ago after the destruction of Maldek. In fact it would appear that this electronic super brain had moved on to Maldek and begun its slow but sure campaign of enslavement of the human race. On July 8th 1964, the Earth as a living entity received her primary Initiation when a tremendous amount of energy was given to Her to commence the second phase of Her life cycle in this incarnation. This surge of power given to the Mother Earth awakened the android and it knew that it had to speed up its plans if it was to succeed at all.

As the android presented not only danger to life on Earth but also to the whole Solar System and beyond the Adepts were commissioned to eject the android from the Planet. For that reason they were given more power to carry out their stupendous task entrusted to them. Between May 1965 and January 1966 the Three Adepts, later joined by Two more successfully completed the Alien Mission. On October 26th 1965, the android was ejected from the lower astral realms and sent back to the galaxy from whence it had come from originally.

Two years later on October 26th 1967 the main mission of the Adepts – Armageddon began with Phase 1 and continued over the next sixteen months culminating in the final Phase 24 on February 24th 1969 when the major aspect of the Mission was successfully completed. In this massive battle of transmutation the devil – satan was completely obliterated. The Twelve black magicians who controlled the lower astral realms were wiped out. Hundreds, if not thousands of prominent black magicians were killed. Very powerful centres of evil and black magic were destroyed. The lower astral realms – the hells of Earth were cleansed beyond our wildest dreams.

By 1975 most of the cleansing of the hells had been completed by the mighty Six Adepts. It meant that man finally had an opportunity to start building an age of lasting peace which many people refer to as the New Age. Unfortunately many are under the illusion that the age of peace will suddenly arrive without any effort. Nothing could be further away from that pipe-dream. The Masters have told us that the New Age of Peace will have to be built by hard labour, toil and sweat. The kind of hard work and dedication that members displayed during Operation Karmalight was a mild reflection of the effort that is needed in the future.

Even with the best intention in the world, it is obvious that only a very tiny portion of the human race, especially on the physical plane, will rise to the occasion, roll up their sleeves and get down to work and bring about those spiritual changes required to exist in the new environment. Sadly, the vast majority, through their own choice, will be removed from Earth and incarnated on a new planet which is being prepared for them in this Solar System. Let us not forget that over 18 million years ago the same thing happened after we destroyed Maldek and incarnated on Earth to continue our evolution. However, the Masters have stated over and over again that nobody needs to go to the new Planet if they are prepared to work hard and help to build the New Age of peace here on Earth.

In November 1958 Doctor George King was given a declaration from higher sources that a New Spiritual Master will come to this Earth shortly to herald in the New Age. He will not be born as a child through the womb of a female but will arrive in a physical space craft and land somewhere on the Planet. He will approach the earth leaders and inform them that he has come to lead men into the age of peace away from war and strife. Naturally there will be a plot to kill the Intruder. But the Next Master will have whatever power is required to stop such act. It will be after that time that great and mighty changes will begin to occur on Earth. All those who are not ready will be removed from this Planet.
These are the most significant times in our history since we came to this Planet over 18 million years ago. Nobody can force us to do anything except that we follow our own conscience.

15.0 Honouring All Who Helped in Operation Karmalight

As this document is a historical record of the events which took place in Armageddon which is code-named Operation Karmalight it is appropriate to list the names of all those who helped in one way or another in this marathon task.

15.1 Six Cosmic Knights & Masters

The human race owes an unprecedented debt to the Six Cosmic Knights for the work carried out by these Beings in the lower astral realms of Earth. If they were to request the entire wealth of the human race it would not be unreasonable and a conservative one for them to use for any charitable purpose they saw fit.

Adept Nixies Zero Zero One – On physical plane – Doctor George King
Adept Nixies Zero Zero Two – On physical plane unknown (Japan?)
Adept Nixies Zero Zero Three – On physical plane unknown (Greece/Cyprus?)
Adept Nixies Zero Zero Four – On Higher Planes
Adept Nixies Zero Zero Five – On Higher Planes
Adept Nixies Zero Zero Six – On Higher Planes – The Master Babaji

The Master Aetherius – Gave commentary of action through George King
Other Cosmic Masters and The Great White Brotherhood

15.2 American Members in Los Angeles

The greatest thanks and gratitude is offered to those valiant helpers who stood by the side of Doctor George King during the dangerous mission of the Six Adepts.

Lady Monique King – Wife of Doctor George King
Eraine Noppe – Twin sister of Monique King
Charles Abrahamson – Right-hand man of Doctor George King
Alan Young – On tape recordings, etc.
Ellie Abrahamson
Malcolm Robertson
Liesel Kitner
Barry Butcher
Vince Tranis
Max Harris
Charlette Hale
Artong Jumsai
Maureen Holdaway
Edna Spencer
And others

15.3 British Members in England

The greatest thanks and gratitude is offered to those valiant helpers on the London Committee who stood by the side of Doctor George King during the dangerous mission of the Six Adepts.

Reginald Holdaway
Gerry Holdaway
Keith Robertson
Meryl Robertson
Raymond Nielsen
Stella Nielsen
Tom Curtiss
Rosemary Curtiss
James Gourlay
Wanda Gourlay
Neil Goldie
Angela Goldie
Ray Alston
Joan Alston
Len Poly
Lady Jean Jardine Buchanan
Peter Simmons
Dorothy Newman
Doris Robertson
Ananda Sirisena
Henry Green
Elizabeth Green
Tom Lever
Suryakant Patel
Hazel Goldsborough
Sylvia Goldsborough
Alec Lawton
Beryl Lawton
Valerie Lawton
David Lawton
Marjorie Lent
Joy Greatericks
Alan Moseley
Natu Patel
And others

Document produced by : Natu Patel
Derby, England
24th February 2016

References :
“The Three Saviours Are Here” published by The Aetherius Society, 6202 Afton Place, Hollywood, California 90028, U.S.A.
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